Fortis Walkway Volume
Fortis Walkway

KCOBA Fortis Walkway

KCOBA Fortis Walkway Initiative Brick Orders

by Kenneth Gordon

Brick layout demo

Fortis Walkway Legacy Bricks are available in two formats,
Single Brick Order and Custom Brick Order.

Single Brick Order
Single Legacy bricks are available for purchase online. You can order your Single legacy     read more

The Fortis Walkway Legacy Initiative

by Norman Noble

The Fortis Walkway Legacy Initiative

Our beloved alma mater, Kingston College, is challenged perennially to fully fund its academic and extracurricular activities, as well as periodic infrastructural rehabilitation. In many instances, several vendors and suppliers have had to extend     read more

Leaving a Legacy for Tomorrow While Making a Difference Today.”

by Ricardo Belnavis

Kingston College

To all Alumni & Friends of Kingston College.

Our Kingston College Old Boys’ Association network gets stronger worldwide every year. And, if you are among those who have retraced your footsteps through     read more

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