September 2010 Volume 7

Dreams Of My Mind

Robert Taylor
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I dream of a world without hate, strife and wars.
I dream of a world without pollution only bright stars.
I dream of a world without guns, bombs and armored tanks.
As I dream of the world all I can see are just blanks.
Somehow these dreams seem farfetched.
It’s easier for my mind to think and sketch.

Why can’t the world be different but remains one?
Why can’t different factions get along?
It’s a world worth dreaming for and hopes for the best.
This is where we live until it’s time for our final rest.

Somehow the drive for power and the power of ego is hard to understand.
Is there any hope for man?
I always dream of the beauty within the world
As I think of nature in my mind these thoughts unfurl.
The chirping birds by the running river.

Looking at man made destruction makes me shiver.
Observing the tranquil forest,
appreciating the wild flowers even though I am not a florist.
Still I dream with wishful thinking and hope.
While looking on the destruction of the wild and the home of antelopes.
Listening to the honey bee and chirping birds.
Isn’t this the best sound you have ever heard?

Without dreams we will be lost.
But how can we continue at this great a cost.
What I have seen is not because I’m clairvoyant.
The results are man actions it’s obviously abundant.
When can my dreams be a reality?
When will there be an end to this insanity?
Is there any long term hope for humanity?

If we can find more world leaders with similar dreams,
Then they should be held in high esteem.
But somehow I fail to see the world changing anytime soon.
It’s as if man allowed rulers to act like buffoon.
Again I dream each night.
Hoping that the evil will lose the fight,
And the winner be those who choose right.

How can I have my dreams be shared?
With all the powers that really cared;
As I dream along I think of wildlife and how did they arrive.
I wonder how the various species will survive.
As I sit and wonder if this dream is real or a test.
While, forever hoping for the best.

Robert Taylor

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