November 2011 Volume 8

More Scholarship Funds for KC

Alimi Banjoko
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The president, Mr. Rainford Bloomfield, and his new board of directors of the Kingston College Old Boys’ Association (USA) Inc. (New York Chapter) wasted no time in putting on another well attended scholarship dance fundraiser for needy and well deserving current and former students of Kingston College. Fortisans in the New York Metropolitan region hosted their 19th consecutive dance on Saturday, October 15 at the popular Nakisaki Restaurant and Club Lounge in Hempstead, New York.

The dance was attended by nearly four hundred patrons including old boys, their significant other, fellow alumnae and alumni in the tri-state area, guests and friends. DJ Prentice, a Fortisan, entertained the guests with a scintillating array of musical genres from the Caribbean and North America. Indeed, all age groups were served with their favorite “beats” that kept the dance floor packed throughout the night. Of course, the attendees’ energy levels were amply replenished by a great selection of Caribbean-American dishes and drinks. The fete was barely interrupted once to remind the revellers of the purpose of the dance and to announce the drawings of gate prizes.

Mr. Rainford Bloomfield, a 1988 graduate, who was elected president last August after a keenly contested election over long serving vice-president, Robert Rodney, was both appreciative and satisfied with the level of support for the affair and noted that the profit would hardly settle in the bank before being disbursed to students in need of financial support at all levels of the educational system in Jamaica, CARICOM and around the world.

The New York Chapter plans to distribute over US$20,000.00 to students attending Kingston College, University of the West Indies, University of Technology, colleges in North America and beyond in any number of disciplines. Funds are disbursed on the bases of request and need.

The association bemoans the fact that the amount of money is relatively modest, which they have vowed to double in the not too distant future by enhancing the scale and range of their fund raising activities. To this noble end, KCOBA USA Inc., is hopeful that this press release will get the attention of more Fortisans and supporters who may not be involved at the moment.

Again, on behalf of the officers and directors of the board of the association, we sincerely thank the supporters and urge you to support or increase your level of support to the fundraising efforts of the Kingston College Old Boys’ Association USA, Inc. (New York Chapter) by joining us on Facebook, following us on twitter @KCOBANY, and visiting our website at


By Alimi Banjoko

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