February 2012 Volume 9


Everton Barrett
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The Jamaican people are calling out for a change and the Gods that be are obliging steadily and wisely. Yet we in our restless ways are unconvinced that changes are coming. We keep putting our faith in people who have offered themselves as leaders only to be disappointed when they lack the light to show us the way forward or their guts lack the fire to burn a path to success.

Instead we are left with keepers of the status quo, unimaginative sentries of the past that stand like Ghosts guarding a faded tradition that cripples our dreams and lofty aspirations. But the Gods have been kind to us and we must passionately grab hold of the few life rafts that they have thrown overboard to us, and try to save our country and our people.

Some of the small life rafts that have been thrown to us can sometimes seem miniscule in light of our mountainous problems, but nevertheless, we must see them for what they are, little nuggets of opportunity in an otherwise stagnant lake.

Two such nuggets that we've received lately are the election of two young and rising MPs, Hugh Buchanan and Damion Crawford. These two young Fortisans must be encouraged to help champion the cause of Kingston College, because in doing so they will promote the cause of all success-challenged youth in the Island. Kingston College's problems are not unique and as national representatives they must be encouraged to examine the national problems at granular levels starting with the youth.

The advisors of Damion should make him aware that as a (w)inner city MP and a graduate of the College he has a multi-pronged interest in what transpires at KC. While it is encouraging that the new Minister of Youth & Culture, Ms Hanna chooses Kingston College as a stop on her youth pep talk tour, that talk should be accompanied by presenting a true KC success story, Damion Crawford simultaneously. It would be infinitely more effective if our home grown "Rootsman" was there to engage youngsters who invariably will view him as a role model. He in turn must grasp the urgency of the mantle that has been bestowed upon him and the gravity of his position to affect change.

Back in the day, the Rootsman was accorded much adulation, but he never rose to the level of political stardom, the fact that our society now sees it fit to elevate him to such heights must mean the people are hungry for change and any man who promises the elevation of our basic causes must be called to arms. Hugh Buchanan's circumstances may differ slightly but again it's a great cry for help. The man he defeated was a promising star in the opposing party and previous government and yet the people saw enough hope in him to send him to the nation's parliament.

The message to the two warriors is that you are being asked to step over the impasse of the status quo, wade through the quagmire of the pacifists, and elevate over the redundancy of the visionless gate-keepers and save the youth. In saving the youth, you bring hope to the elders and most importantly, you may save a generation or two.

Before I go, I must say Kudos to Mr. Robert Kelly for the yeoman's work you got done at KC in such a short time. Once again you've proved talk is cheap, and those who keep telling us we can't are usually those who are too gripped with fear to make the leap. You've done your part Brother and one can only pray to the father that you "Soldier On!"

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