April 2012 Volume 9

Interviews at Champs 2012

Dr. Cedric Lazarus
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Congratulations to Calabar and Edwin Allen on winning Champs 2012. The records will show that KC scored 265 points for second place. Last year they scored 269 again for second, so I charge the coaches that next year they should aim to be the first boys' school to score 300 points to win. 

A group of KC-connected students from the Cave Hill Campus of the UWI came over to my house so that we could all watch the final day of Champs on SportsMax from the comfort of my living room. Apart from the outstanding performances on the track, we also paid rapt attention to the televised interviews of the winners which for the most part took place about a minute after they crossed the finish line.

The first interview we really watched with any interest indicated that the female athlete was still fighting for her breath when approached by the cameraman and the interviewer. The poor girl could hardly speak. Such was her oxygen deficit or her excitement at winning the gold that she was not able to answer any of the questions posed to her by the interviewer. This was not always the case though.

The beautiful and charismatic young lady from Spaldings High who won both the 800m and 1500m Class One races was asked by the reporter which was the harder of her two races. As she answered the look on her smiling face suggested, "Duh?!" With a wry smile she continued, "The 800 is only 2 laps." He then asked her another question and she told him with a confident no-nonsense snicker that she was……. unbeatable! End of story. Next!

Up came a chap from Calabar.  The interviewer asked him when was it during his race that he felt that he would win. This is what he said. " When mi pass the KC yute pan de corner!" I swear that I am not making this up.
KC athletes had their own gems too.  After winning the 800m Class One, a still out of breath Powell who ran a brilliant race for a KC 1-3 was asked if KC could still win Champs. "Ah hope to God!" he proclaimed.

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