July 2012 Volume 9

Fortis Pavilion Announces New Initiatives

Wayne O. Robertson
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The Fortis Pavilion is resolute in its quest to facilitate the holistic development of the students of Kingston College.  Against this background, the organization will be introducing the following scholarship and awards:

1. The Fortis Pavilion/Ivan “Wally” Johnson Scholarship

The contribution of the late Ivan “Wally” Johnson to the development and growth of KC as one of the foremost institutions of learning in the English-speaking Caribbean is legendary.  His active involvement in academia and sports is well documented.  In honour of his legacy, the Fortis Pavilion will be introducing "The Fortis Pavilion/Ivan “Wally” Johnson Scholarship" to the student who meets the required criteria.  

2.  Award - “Most Disciplined Student”

Through our monthly Mentorship interventions at the institution, we recognize that much more work is required to improve discipline. Against this backdrop, the Fortis Pavilion will be presenting two (2) awards for discipline – one (1) student from the Melbourne Campus, and another from the North Street Campus. Overtime, we envisage an increase in the number of awards, which would see a student in each Form (1st – 6th) receiving an award.

3. Awards – “Best Kept Form” & “Best Kept Campus”

We are cognizant of the need to inculcate a deep-seated culture of civic pride within our youths.  With this in mind, the Pavilion will be awarding two (2) Forms - one (1) at Melbourne and one (1) at North Street.  Again, we are projecting an increase in the number of awards in the coming years, so that each Form is duly recognized.

We also intend to provide an award for the “Best Kept Campus.”

In 2011, DECS Waste Management Services partnered with the Fortis Pavilion in launching a Recycling Pilot Project at KC, which is testimony to our staunch commitment to maintaining a clean environment.

4.  Library Project

We are seeking to partner with the KCOBA, New York Chapter and LIME in rehabilitating the library at the Melbourne Campus.  It is hoped that this project can be extended to the library at North Street.  To date, the KCOBA, New York Chapter has expressed its commitment to assist with this project.  A proposal was also submitted to LIME, which has also indicated a willingness to partner with us. 

Implementation of the above initiatives will commence by September 2012, and will be done on a phased basis.

We remain deeply committed to ensuring that Kingston College remains “The Standard” by which all other institutions are measured

The work continues.............

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