November 2012 Volume 9

Fortis Pavilion and Cadet Unit Complete Flag Pole Project

Wayne O. Robertson
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A joint Fortis Pavilion/KC Cadet Unit Project was conducted on Saturday and Sunday, September 15th and 16th at both the Melbourne and North Street Campuses to restore the flag poles.

At Melbourne, a new walkway concrete base was constructed within the garden (where the flag pole is located), along with a step. A pulley was welded on at the top of the flag pole and halyard installed. Once concluded, the entire base of the flag pole was repainted and the flag pole remounted.

At North Street, the base of the flag pole was repainted purple and white and the missing bolts from the flagpole replaced.  

Once the flags have been secured, they can be hoisted accordingly.  

Members of the Fortis Pavilion who were directly involved in the project were Courtney Crossdale (Director of Projects), Paul Wright (President), and Rudolfo "Beaver" Johnston.  

KC Cadets directly involved were Capt. Gray (Officer Commanding KC Cadet Unit), WO2 Mikhail Francis, Cpl Kevon Gunning, Cadet Shawn Connery and Cadet Me-Shach Gordon.  Special thanks to these persons.  We wish to also thank those persons who visited the site and gave moral support.

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