November 2012 Volume 9

Two KC students Awarded Cuban Medical Scholarships

Basil Waite
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Two KC students, Darrieux Gordon and Jason Scott numbered among the five Jamaican recipients of Cuban Medical Scholarships for the 2012- 2013 academic year.

According to Russell Bell editor of Yes Cuba, “It was a truly wonderful and moving ceremony at the Cuban Embassy in Jamaica on June 8, 2012.” Parents, siblings, friends and other family members were in attendance. Former Foreign affairs and Trade Minister and current Minster of Industry  & Investment Anthony Hylton was also in attendance.

Ambassador Yuri Gala Lopez officially presented the medical scholarships to the five Jamaican students: Darrieux Gordon ,Donna kay Chin, Delli Ann Green,  Jamiie Lindsay and Jason Scott.  “Ambassador Gala stressed the point that Cuba continues to give not because it has excess which it can spare but because of its philosophy which says we must share the little we have; we must globalize international solidarity to achieve the better world that is possible.”

Campion College student Delli Ann Green moved the vote of thanks on behalf of the group “with a commitment to serve the oppressed and wretched of the earth, we are with one voice in  saying  “ thank you to the Government and People of the free Republic of Cuba.”

Over 600 Jamaicans have benefitted from the Cuba-Jamaica programme since its inception in 1979.  Some 200 are at presently studying primarily in the field of medicine. Kingston College has benefitted  too as 22 students  have studied or are presently studying in Cuba, 14 in medicine, two in dentistry, four sports and physical education and two in engineering..

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