November 2012 Volume 9

A Few Words from the Editor

Dr. Glen Laman
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When I was a boy my grandmother would recite an old mariner’s poem about hurricanes:

June-- too soon. 
July-- stand by! 
August-- look out you must. 
September-- remember. 
October,  all over.

With all the problems caused by hurricane Sandy recently in the Caribbean and the US Northeast, it is safe to say that nowadays it’s no longer over in October.

“For the times they are a-changing” as the words of Bob Dylan’s song remind us.

In the modern world, we must adjust to changes or we will be left behind in civilized dust. Just when we got used to using a computer, laptops came along and as we soon as got comfortable, they introduce tablets and kindles.  I have noticed that babies that can barely lift their heads can play with iPads and other tablets as if they had the benefit of an IT course during the gestation period.

It is said the modern world belongs to the innovators—those who can introduce new ideas, concepts, devices, and new ways of doing things.

But as we welcome the new things and new ways, it is good to remember that some things are forever.  And some things we must keep, like honesty and integrity.

Let’s keep the things that should remain unchanged.

Happy reading
Glen Laman

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