July 2013 Volume 10

The 2013 KCOBA NY Annual General Meeting and Election

Brian G. Morrison,
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The results of the elections following KCOBA NY Annual General Meeting on Sunday July 14, 2013 should serve as a wakeup call for those of us who are reluctant, foolhardy or scared into not embracing Social Media and recognize the big role it played in this local alumni presidential election campaign. Warning: KCOBs don't be left behind!

Congratulations are in order for both Robert the challenger and Perry who was overwhelmingly returned to office. Kudos to Life Directors, Noel Spencer and Mike Bromfield, who presided over the proceedings in a professional and spectacular fashion. The conference room was packed with past students ranging from the 1950's to the 90's. In the end there were no losers, only one winner - Kingston College.

What we saw played out on Facebook and Twitter was typical of KC and its competitive spirit; daring to go where others are afraid. This resulted in a record number of registered new members from all over the globe. Geographical locations were no longer an excuse or hiding place if you are really serious about supporting and giving back to the "College."

KCOBA's Facebook (closed/private) group, initiated by President Perry and Merrick Foster, set the stage for what I believe is the way forward. Like it or not - technology and its many communicating agents were the driving force behind the attention given and maintained in real time over the last two (2) weeks leading up to July 14th. Brothers from both the Rodney and Perry camps pitched and campaigned as if the future of KC was at stake.

Never has there been this much excitement and attention focused on an AGM. The buzz was felt and carried via Facebook to stakeholders worldwide. Brothers for one reason or another, who were "uninvolved" and/or "disjointed" from the fraternity, came out in droves. To some the open sparring was shocking if not disgusting but to others, it was just what the doctor ordered. Some viewed it as democracy at work, others plain politics. Notwithstanding, Facebook allowed for varied expressions, sometimes without a single comment. “Like" said it all.

The immediate impact was felt in the Association's financial coffers. I don't have the exact figures but dues and donations collected via PayPal and other deposits were very impressive. These funds will go a far way in providing much needed resources to our young brothers who without us will continue to swim against the currents. The concern now, and a question for the new board of directors is how do we harness this surge and keep members, stakeholders and the Community energized and supportive of the legacy of Bishop Gibson?

I am therefore appealing to every KCOB who participated in this historic election in one form or another, please stay tuned and remain connected. Continue to pay your dues - it`s the least you can do.

Ladies  & Gentlemen: As a member of the new Board of Directors I pledge to do my part, to provoke thoughts and ideas backed by actions that will benefit the young brothers at KC. Brothers who like myself had dreams of attending the great Kingston College. My dream came through but times are tougher and more challenging now. As the Jamaican economy struggles and limps along, we KCOBs should do everything to ensure that these young men’s dreams stay alive and not evaporate or die along the way.

Fortis and Blessings!!

 Presenting the (2013-2014/15) Officers and Board of Directors.

Rainford Perry Bloomfield


Bobby Dixon

1st Vice President

Everton Howell

2nd Vice President

Alton Brown


Leighton Hollar




Barrington Burke-Green


George Bell


Patrick Clark


Brian G. Morrison


Norman Scott




Robert Rodney


Courtney Anderson


Damian Cawley


Donald C. Davidson


Devon Hussett


Merrick Foster


Robert Scarlett


Wilton Williams


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