October 2013 Volume 10

The Key Club International Convention

Joel Nomdarkham
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The 69th Key Club International Convention was held in Orlando, Florida last year. It was quite an interesting one, as a delegation of six Key Clubbers from Kingston College attended, where we boasted as the club with the most members from the Jamaica District. I was elected to serve on the International Board as a Key Club International Trustee, ending the over 20 year drought of Kingston College producing an International Board member.

Unfortunately, I was removed from the board due to some very complicated issues with my visa but that didn't stop me from attending my last event as a Key Clubber- the 70th annual Key Club International Convention.

On July 2nd 2013, a delegation of five Key Clubbers from the Kingston College Key Club (KCKC) left for Washington DC (this year's host District for the 2013 convention). This delegation was led by the Jamaica Key Club District Governor, Chevon Lewis, another proud product of Kingston College. Other persons in attendance were the other Key Clubbers from the Jamaica District, as well the Administrators.

The purpose of the International Convention is to elect the International Board for each coming year and to provide an opportunity for servant leaders of the organization across the world to meet at one place and share service ideas. This year was no different. Several workshops were held which imparted valuable lessons on the foundation of Key Club International--which is service.

 The main project being undertaken by the past International Boards, as well as Kiwanis International, is the ELIMINATE PROJECT. This is an effort to eliminate the disease, Maternal Neonatal Tetanus, which affects the birth of babies in some regions across the world, especially in Africa. The highlight of the convention came from the "Eliminate Dance", which was to raise funds towards the project. Our Jamaican skills of dancing were highly respected, and even throughout the convention, several attendees became fascinated with our culture and accent. I represented the true Jamaican, by sporting emblems of my culture DAILY. The COLLEGE MAN attire was also in full gear, Je-Vaughn Wynter and I sported our blazers, which got me several votes at last year’s convention.

The experience is definitely one to remember. I am elated to be a part of this service organization that not only is fun filled, but one that reaches out to those less fortunate than ourselves.

The Kingston College Key Club will continue to produce true leaders and contributors to our society. Our international reputation will continue to blossom, as our fortis flag will forever fly high, whether in key Club or any other service organization.

My trip became a reality with the assistance of some key persons, some of whom were from the fortis fraternity. The Atlanta Chapter, as well as the Florida Chapter ensured that I was well taken care of. Mr. Audley Hewitt and wife, Mrs Lorna Hewitt were major help towards my trip as well. The Jamaica Yellow Pages continuous support also made my trip a reality, and as such, I take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support.

I have taken so much from the experience and I am certain that the other college men, namely, Chevon Lewis, Joel Taylor, Raheem Chin and Je-Vaughn Wynter, have also taken educational values from the convention.   The convention ended on a great note, as the former Governor of the Jamaica District, Renisha Daley, was elected to serve as an International Trustee. I am grateful that she will represent our nation well, and most importantly, execute what I didn't get to do as Trustee.

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