October 2013 Volume 10

Next Stop Elam, Cuba, For Oraine Lynch, Medical Student

Robert Kelly
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On August 23, 2013, Oraine Lynch departed to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a Medical Doctor. Oraine came to KC in 2004 fresh from Dunrobin Primary School.  The eldest of three kids for his mother, Miss Olive Brown, Oraine was born July 18, 1992 and attended Kingston College for seven years. 
In fact, Oraine had no choice but to attend KC, since his five of his six uncles had preceded him to the College--Victor, Vivian, Radcliffe, Patrick and Donald.  Oraine was a very involved student at school.  His participation ranged from, Chess Club, Drama, Interschool Christian Fellowship, Interact Club (President), Science Club, Student Council (VP) and Track.  In upper sixth he became a member of KCOBA and has served the OBA faithfully ever since.
Oraine successfully completed ten CXC and five CAPE subjects: Biology, Caribbean Studies, Chemistry, Communication Studies and Math. Since leaving KC in 2011, Oraine has worked at various jobs, while never losing sight of his ultimate goal.  He is grateful to KCOBA’s President Dr. Ray Fraser, an earlier beneficiary of the Bi-lateral Scholarship to Cuba for his advice and direction; H.G. Helps for his media contacts, Basil Waite and Robert Kelly for opening dialog with the Cuban Ambassador and a great Georgian, Russell Bell, for his guidance and counsel.

 Oraine says he is driven to become a doctor by his desire to help people.  He wants to study in Cuba because he believes that they produce the best doctors.  He is not concerned about the five year bond to the Jamaica Public Sector, following seven years of study in Cuba, because it represents service to the poor and working people of Jamaica.  The seven years of study is free of cost, all he has to do is get there and immerse himself in the study of Spanish for three months, then commit himself to his medical studies.

Oraine Lynch is confident that he will succeed in his medical studies in Cuba, as thirty six other old boys have before him.  The entire Fortis Family is with him and KCOBA NY is committed to supporting him financially for the duration.

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