January 2014 Volume 11

An Audacious Initiative – Boosting Library & Technology on the KC Campuses

Brian Morrison
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On September 20, 2013 at the Philadelphia, PA residence of Mr. Brian Grant, CEO of Premier Financial Group Inc. KCOBA NY hosted the inaugural Kingston College Library & Technology Capital Campaign Program. For many of us who were skeptical of this bold initiative, that was laid to rest on October 20, 2013, when the second conference was held at the Marriott Hotel in New York City. There we were introduced to Mr. Dave Myrie, Principal of Kingston College and Mr. Basil Anderson, Philanthropist and the lead donor of this innovative effort (See report in KC Times, November 2013, Volume 10 issue)

The goal of this Capital Campaign Program was simple – revolutionize the Melbourne and North Street campuses with the library resources, equipment and electronic capabilities, so that students would be able to adequately compete in a modern and dynamic technological society. That meant overhauling the present infrastructure to accommodate new computer equipment and electronic components. One of the key upgrades would be the completion of the Douglas Forrest Building and the school electrical system.

The Jamaica Conference was held on Thursday, November 21, 2013 at the Spanish Court Hotel in New Kingston. The New York Chapter was represented by President Rainford Perry Bloomfield and Directors Clive Davidson and Brian Morrison. Representing her husband was Mrs. Peter Jograj.  The private event was hosted by the KCOBA Jamaica Ltd and chaired by Dr. Ray Fraser. The turnout was awesome. I had the honor of greeting and welcoming our invited guests. During cocktails, I chatted with old boys of varied ages and professional backgrounds; they all spoke with passion and pride of their Kingston College experiences and shared stories that had brothers erupting with quiet laughter and inconspicuous tears. Imagine not seeing your classmates since leaving KC, which was the case when Basil Anderson embraced Winston “Winty” Davidson and Errol Alberga. This was a priceless moment and captured the legacy of Bishop Gibson and the humility of Mr. Douglas Forrest (May their souls RIP).

After the cocktail reception, presentations were made by Dr. Ray Fraser, President of KCOBA Jamanica, Mr. Michael Vaccianna, Chairman of the Board, Mr. Woody Miller, Chairman of the Kingston College Development Trust Fund, Mr. Dave Myrie, Principal of Kingston College and Mr. Basil Anderson, Lead Donor. All the presenters were impressive, but it was Mr. Myrie who captivated the audience - after all this was the man that was given the mandate to turn KC around, to get us back on track. We were eager to hear his vision of the new Kingston College and the plans to get us there and we were not disappointed.  Mr. Myrie, to his credit, is well aware of our history and the mammoth task that lies ahead. He seems very committed and has earned the respect and admiration of present and past students as well as faculty and staff.  We have no doubt that Principal Myrie, with the assistance of all the other stake holders, will lead Kingston College to the top of the hill and regain our place as one of the premier high schools in the Caribbean.

Finally, President Perry updated the group on the US leg of the fund raiser with plans to expand to Florida, Atlanta and Canada. He then introduced the man of the hour - Mr. Basil Anderson. Basil`s opening remarks were poignant and in a nutshell stated that he believed the road to the future can only be accessed if you have the tools and capabilities to ride the wave of technology sweeping the super highways of the internet. Basil`s tone and outward demeanor was packed with kindness and love for humanity. Most striking was his dedication and passion for his alma mater. “Together we can do this” he said. 

The funds pledged so far in Jamaica are US$31,514. Total campaign pledge – US$221,364.00

Let`s do this! Join the campaign today and donate as follows:

Mail checks payable to KCOBA USA Inc. (Memo: KC Library & Technology Campaign (KCLTC)): 
P.O. Box 3917, New York, NY 10185
Online athttp://www.kcobany.org/donations.aspx  

Jamaica residents - Mail cheques payable to KCDTF (Memo: KC Library & Technology Campaign (KCLTC)):
P.O. Box 9073, Kingston CSO, Jamaica

Fortis Cadere Cedere Non Potest!

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