March 2014 Volume 11

Team Dallas Voted New KCOBA Board

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At the KCOBA Jamaica AGM on December 11, 2013, KC Old Boys voted in Team Dallas as the new board to lead the association for the next three years. 

Team Dallas campaigned on a platform that included strengthening the KCOBA, maximizing the potential of the Fortis network and shaping the 6th Form into the intellectual engine of the School.  The tag line of the campaign was “Expanding the Fortis Network + Strengthening the Fortis Brand = Fortifying the Future”

The members of the victorious team are:

  • Dr. Patrick Dallas (President)
  • Dr. Leachim Semaj
  • Mr. Maurice Weir
  • Mr. Rupert Hemmings
  • Mr. Victor Henry
  • Mr. Trevor “TC” Campbell
  • Mr. Donovan Dowie
  • Mr. Joseph McKinson
  • Mr. Antonio Bell

The new executive met for a retreat on December 27, 2013, with consultant psychologist and team member Dr. Leachim Semaj playing the role of facilitator.  Under a new resolution from the December 2013 AGM, Immediate Past President Dr. Ray Fraser also became a member of the new executive and joined the team for the retreat. 

In setting the stage for the retreat, Dr. Semaj shared some ideas with the group, including the fact that the Old Boys Association is connected to every single facet of life at KC and Jamaica; the KCOBA therefore has the potential to be the most significant entity at KC.  This new executive now had a “time to create” both the nature of the KCOBA and fashion its impact on KC.  He exhorted the group to be “pronoid” not paranoid, that is, hold the irrational belief that the universe is acting in their favour.

Amidst much camaraderie and serious sense of purpose, strong negotiations, and passionate argument, the group hammered out the outlines of a strategic path. Thus, efforts undertaken included developing a vision and mission for the organization, undertaking a SWOT analysis, working out the strategic priorities and areas of responsibility. 

Among the areas identified as being in need of urgent attention are the KCOBA Constitution, Membership, ICT, Finances and Activities.  Working groups were formed to undertake activities in the different areas and report back by the next meeting.  Some exciting initiatives are unfolding and these will be shared with the membership of the KCOBA shortly. 

One of the more fun but telling activities undertaken by the committee was tying ties.  Yes – tying ties.  The host of the retreat, President Dr. Patrick Dallas, had to pull out his collection of ties from the back of the closet.  Executives took turns at tying ties using different methods, sharing stories about how they learned to tie their ties.  The group agreed on the meaningfulness of the KC tie, tying the tie properly and wearing it with pride.

KC was the first school to wear a school tie in Jamaica!  Passing this fact on and the value of the tie was just one of the ways they recommitted themselves to mentorship at their alma mater

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