February 2015 Volume 12

Scholarship Awards Increase for 2014/2015 Academic Year

Patricia Gillings
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The Annual Kingston College Scholarship Awards took place on Thursday, November 20, 2014 at the St. Augustine Chapel, North Street. Chair of the proceedings and Vice Principal of Kingston College Mrs. Marguerite Hall welcomed special guests, recipients, parents and the wider school community to the event.  She said that each year she was happy to see so many students being granted the opportunity of fulfilling their dream through the continuous kindness of the Kingston College Old Boys Association USA Inc. (NY, PA, NJ, CT, and MA). Fifty scholarships were awarded for 2014/2015 academic year.

Prayer was offered by Mrs. Sonia Watson, Guidance Counsellor and Scholarship Program Administrator who thanked God for the blessings granted each year for more persons to benefit from the hard work of KCOBA USA Inc. and KCOBA Georgia.

In his greetings to members of the audience, President of the KCOBA USA Inc, Mr. Rainford “Perry” Bloomfield, said he was extremely proud to stand before members of his alma mater to announce the offering of 50 scholarships to deserving students, up from 40 last year. Mr. Bloomfield went on to give some history as to why the KCOBA USA Inc. continues to provide scholarships even under extreme financial decline in the economy. He said through the Annual Scholarship Fundraiser (Dance & Raffle) and Boat Ride, his organization’s delight each year is to see the faces of students who have done the work academically while participating in extra curricular activities for the school.  He noted that the access to the scholarship was far more than just the financial need of a student.

During his greetings, the KCOBA USA Inc President introduced two University Law students who he said made the organization’s reason for giving every year very rewarding.  He introduced Mr. Steven Jackson and Mr. Litrow Hickson both recent graduates from the UWI Law Faculty and now at Norman Manley Law School.  Both Hickson and Jackson were recipients of scholarships throughout their University and high school years coming from very humble beginnings but had the academic drive to succeed.

Mr. Bloomfield asked the well dressed University of the West Indies Mona Law students to say a few words to the present scholarship recipients. Mr. Hickson thanked KCOBA USA Inc as well as Mrs. Watson and Mrs. Hall for the shoulders of support throughout his tough school years, he told the students present that by achieving his high grades there was comfort knowing that the financial support was there. Litrow was the Valedictorian for University of the West Indies Mona 2014 Law Graduation.

Steven spoke about the need to be humble and respectful to all persons rich and poor and implored the awardees to take a page from his study tip which is to review the lesson learnt each day on the same day as they are taught. He thanked KCOBA USA Inc and persons who were in his corner and those who gave motivation throughout his years at KC and now the University of the West Indies Mona. Steven a member of the Kingston College Chapel Choir and now a senior was a member of the winning Debating Team in his final year at KC.  These gentlemen proved that even with single parent homes and parents earning low incomes, the love that they had kept them going.  The message, never be ashamed of where you come from, Steven was hailed as one of the ‘5 of Jamaica's promising UWI graduates under 25’ in a newspaper article published in late October, 2014.

The Principal, Dave Myrie in his remarks to the scholarship awardees first thanked Steven and Litrow for making the time to attend the event but most importantly for the lasting message that they gave. He stated his delight in listening to the two young gentlemen speech and asked them to return on his invitation to give mentorship talks to current students. He noted that the working relationship with the overseas chapters remain key to the future of the institution and thanked the KCOBA for their unwavering partnership with the school over the years.
Presentation of Awards was handed out by Mr. Rainford “Perry” Bloomfield, President KCOBA USA Inc.; Mr. Dave Myrie, Principal; and Mr. Everton Burrell, Vice Principal.

In his vote of thanks to the donors and organizers, recipient Kadeem Campbell a lower sixth form student thanked Mr. Bloomfield for his commitment to the school. He asked him to convey to his members and donors the kind appreciation from the scholarship awardees. Kadeem said the hard work of his fellow awardees and the immense sacrifices of parents was the testimony that the scholarship programme is needed. Kadeem was a member of the winning 2014 School Challenge Quiz Team and a former Chorister. He will be awarded the Principal’s Award for Best CSESC Results in 2014 for Kingston College as one of the two students to be so honoured.

In an interview with Mr. Bloomfield after the presentation, he said “We are especially passionate about our growing Scholarship program which is rooted in the fact our Founder the Rt. Rev. Bishop Gibson was himself a scholarship recipient in 1907. Today we are proud as an organization to be able to give students the opportunity to excel in spite of their socio-economic status. Thanks to our KC Old boys network, friends and sponsors.”  

Outside of the collective donations by members for the KCOBA USA Inc Scholarship and George Thompson Scholarship (KCOBA Georgia), there are individualized Scholarships named after their sponsors and brokered by KCOBA USA Inc., the Awards included are:-

  • Rt. Rev. E. Don Taylor Scholarship
  • Ms. Joyce Baxter Scholarship
  • Kitson Blissett (2014 St. Thomas) Scholarship
  • Daniel & Jean Davidson
  • Duane O’Gilvie Scholarship
  • Keith Bryan Scholarship
  • Norman Watson Scholarship
  • Lily Johnson Scholarship
  • Jermoth & Eulalee Dixon Scholarship
  • Mike Wong Scholarship
  • 92 Manning Cup (Footballer) Scholarship

Since 2013:

  • Clinton Clarke Memorial Scholarship
  • Ronald Stephenson Memorial Scholarship
  • Humphrey Willis Scholarship
  • Andrew Grant Scholarship
  • Joy Lounds Scholarship
  • Robert Taylor Scholarship

Since 1992:

  • Wilson Saunders Scholarship (Since 1992)

By Patricia Gillings (picture)
Miss Gillings is an active parent at Kingston College; professionally she is involved in Event/Sports Management, Public Relations, Marketing and Communications working in the public and private section. She has traveled with National Teams and groups as Public Relations Attaché.

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