April 2020 Volume 16

Coronavirus Pandemic Shuts Down Champs

Staff reporter KC Times
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Champs and Penn Relays Canceled. Tokyo Olympics Postponed

As the global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus engulfs the world, sporting events and extra-curricular activities have taken a big hit.

The annual ISSA Boys' and Girls' Athletics Championships(Champs) has been canceled as a safety measure in light of COVID-19 hitting Jamaican shores. Shortly after that came word that the Annual Penn Relays carnival at the University of Pennsylvania was also canceled.

Other cancelations included the popular School’s Challenge Quiz competition.

The after Champs Brunch has been canceled.

The Toronto Chapter canceled its annual Spring Buffet and Dance originally scheduled for April 25th.

The New York chapter postponed its Annual Reunion & Awards banquet.

Initially, there was some outcry at the decision to cancel Champs but the rapid spread of the coronavirus and the havoc being wreaked in countries such as Italy, Spain, UK and the US has silenced most critics.

While China seems to have the virus under control, the worse appears yet to come in the West.

In Jamaica, all public schools are closed for several weeks and the country’s borders have been ordered closed. This is in an effort to stem the spread of the virus on the island where the first death was recently recorded and several people are under quarantine and isolation.

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