April 2020 Volume 16

Fortis Leadership Program

Dr. Ivor Nugent
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'Leadership is influence, nothing more nothing less!' - my friend and worldwide leader John Maxwell.

Pete Kennedy is a leader and a man of exemplary character and a past student of Kingston College (KC).

Attending KC was the birthplace of Pete’s quest to live his best life. In pursing this, Pete has personally studied and applied the power of leadership, emotional intelligence, along with the importance of vision and purpose, which has served him greatly for 15 years in the aviation, telecommunications, customer service and banking industries.

In these industries, Pete has served as manager, trainer, leader and coach, successfully achieving the desired goal of each organization. He is the President and CEO of E.M.Y.L.L. which stands for 'Educating Men & Youth How To Lead & Live'. This is a company that focuses on the personal and professional development of individuals of all ages and he has made it his life’s work to empower individuals all over, traveling to the UK, the Philippines and all of the United States Coasts including Jamaica to share his story and inspire others.

Pete Kennedy is also the Executive Vice President of the Membership Relations department at the Black Professional Networks (BPN) and a team member of the John Maxwell Leadership Team. As a leader, Pete believes the journey of personal development impacts every area of our lives for better, namely our families, relationships and our businesses. Through his studies, Pete has gained a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership both from DeVry University, additional Pete will soon be known as an author as he pursues the completion of his book.

While attending KC, under the leadership of coach Mr. Straton Palmer, Pete was a member of the Colts '94 & '95 soccer team. Coach Palmer, had a vision for leadership and saw these qualities in Pete from an early age. With this vision, he entrusted Pete to be a part of the leadership team when KC won the Colts championship in '95. This exposure to leadership identified some skills which later became Pete's lifestyle.

E.M.Y.L.L., Pete's organization recently launched a leadership program in Jamaica with his high school, Kingston College (KC), where 30 boys have been selected from the school and they will journey through a year of leadership activities and teachings. Ten faculty members have also been selected as well to journey and support the boys in this program.

The Fortis Leadership Program offers the opportunity for the boys selected to identify their behavior profile (personal traits) to build and enhance relationships, participate in classroom studies to practice and relate leadership qualities and skills to their own behavior profile. And finally, the boys will be partnered with a mentor throughout the process which will be a support and guide for the boy/s from industry of interest or passionate career choices. Boys have been selected from all ages within the school with the intention to inspire those leaving school now and those remaining to have an impact on their peers. The selected boys range from those with excellent performance to those struggling.

E.M.Y.L.L. and Kingston College's goal is to equip and educate our boys early on leadership and how to purposefully create their future through effective networking and collaboration with industry leaders and others. At the end of the program, a valedictorian will be selected and awards will be distributed to boys who perform above the standard. E.M.Y.L.L.'s goal is to create this program full time offering each boy who passes through KC an opportunity to lead at the utmost level while living a fulfilled life.

Pete was honored to share his story, passion and the Fortis Leadership program with 350 - 400 boys, faculty, parents and friends at the Kingston College 2019 award ceremony held annually in December in Kingston Jamaica.

Pete’s services come through the delivery of keynote speaking, one on one or group coaching, corporate training and behavior profile (identifying oneself). Working with Pete will ensure a path of success and the identification of one’s passion which leads to living a fulfilled life.

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