July 2020 Volume 16

Tribute: Walk good Fabian Prince

Norman Wallace
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In bringing greetings from Fabian’s second family, the Kingston College Old Boys Association of Toronto, I MUST first share with you that Fabian embodied the dream of the founder of our beloved alma mater.

In 1925 when the late Bishop Percival Gibson founded Kingston College, it was based on providing an institution, which would mainly cater to boys from the inner city, from humble beginnings. Another objective was to provide them an opportunity to be upstanding young men while learning life skills with academics and upon graduation never forget the school and all that it offered.

I stand here today to say Fabian was a product of all of the above and more. He is the humblest person you can find who would have a $1000 or $1 in his pocket and you would never know.

Fabian’s love for his school is unquestionable and that was evident in his dedication to the association and his personal financial contribution to present day students. He would contribute to the lunch program, and vitamins for athletes; and these were done without anyone knowing as he knew the challenges they are facing first hand.

He served for many years on the Board of Directors for the KCOBA and that is why I was very happy when Robin afforded me a spot within the restricted 30 attendees. I needed to be here today to share this part of Fabian’s life which meant so much to him.

To love Fabian you got to know him first and foremost. Once you did, it will be a lifelong relationship. If I should ask for a show of hands the people who’ve had a run in or disagreement with him we all would raise our hands because that is the kind of person he was. He was a straight shooter who at times had a difficult time putting across his point and so he is seem more on being aggressive. One thing for sure, you would have a disagreement with Fabian today and tomorrow you may get a call as if nothing happened. He does not carry grudges and as far as he is concerned that’s over and done. We would joke behind his back that because of his soft-spoken voice he tries to make up for it by being aggressive to indicate he is no push over.

If you know Fabian long enough then you would know about his annual Barbeque which was a calendar event. Even though it has stopped for a while, it is still being talked about as the comradeship, good food and the many walks down memory lane were priceless. He invested a lot of time in this event and even though we drove from far we never wanted to leave at the end of the night. Thanks Robin for allowing us to trample the grass, disturbing your neighbors and the opportunity of reminisce on the good times.

We will surely miss a sincere brother in Fabian, he kept us on our toes with his constructive feedbacks and the association has suffered a great loss. To Christine, Nichelle and Kendra: you have a bunch of Uncles waiting here to play our part in fulfilling Fabian’s dream of seeing you succeed in life. He was so proud you girls and your accomplishments. We are still not sure where you got those soccer skills, as Fabian was not a baller (smile). Robin we will always be here for you and, girls, please do not hesitate to call and as well we will stay in touch.

Fabian, we will meet again, until then then, walk good my brother.

Fortis Cadere Cedre Non Potest…The Brave may fall but never yield.


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