September 2020 Volume 16


Principal - Dave Myrie
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When I heard the news of Miss Wilson’s passing, there were so many thoughts and memories that raced through my mind. I thought about the last time I saw her; I thought about where she was sitting and the things that she said. I thought about the many zoom meetings we recently had as we sought to navigate the difficult times in which we are living. I also thought about how dedicated and committed this lady was to the students she so dearly loved and to the institution

about which she was fiercely loyal.

Miss Wilson commenced working at KC in September 1995 and her dedication and commitment to the school started then and never wavered. She has been involved in every area of School life and has given sterling service and made tremendous contributions. Her initial position at the school was as a teacher of English language and literature.

To anyone visiting her classroom for a brief period, her teaching style may not have seemed much different than that of other teachers, but anyone who spent just time with her would soon realize what quality teaching is and what commitment looks like. In fact her students generally came to love this lady who presented as being austere but was both gentle and powerful at the same time.

She had command of the classroom and had control of every student’s attention span. Her ability to accomplish this was not due to the class being populated with perfectly reared and well behaved children, it was rooted in a style she had of making ever lesson incredibly interesting and profoundly important.

Over her 25 years of service, Miss Wilson served in several capacities within the school:

  • Year Group Coordinator
  • House Leader
  • School Challenge Quiz coordinator
  • Academic Vice Principal

In the year 2007 she was promoted to the position of Vice Principal and was now more directly involved in the overall administration of the entire School. She was the academic Vice Principal hence was greatly involved in the overall academic development of the School. She was also involved in Schools Challenge Quiz; chair person for the Time Table Committee, Helen Douglas Award Ceremony, Prize-giving and Graduation ceremonies. She was involved in the planning of all Year Group orientation programmes and was responsible for creating class lists. She also worked with our chaplain in the planning of all our Church services.

Miss Wilson was not confined to academics and ceremonies as she was a lover of sports and was fully involved in the School’s extra curricula activity programmes. She would be seen at Champs cheering on our boys and she would be able to give you historical information on each boy including the time they ran or distance they jumped, She would always be seen at other competitive games cheering on our boys. She was always crestfallen when we lost but would always have a positive word for our athletes.

Miss Wilson was a dedicated and hard-working woman who did not consider ‘no’ as a part of her vocabulary,” She loved the school and had a heart for our boys and would always go the extra mile for them. She has always gone above and beyond the call of duty and does not see any challenge as being too great. She was a multi-tasker who always got the job done. She believed in her students and their futures and would not tolerate anything that could to negatively impact students from achieving their potential.

From an Administrative standpoint, Miss Wilson was exceptional and among the best. She was certainly a Principal’s dream. She was super organized and was always thinking ahead. She always stated that she did not like the last minute approach so would always plan well ahead.

Due to this approach the administrative activities of the School progressed smoothly. She had the courage to say the uncomfortable truths that other people might not want to acknowledge or voice but this was always done to uplift and support and always in the best interest of the School. Those of us who were fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Juliet can only wish that more administrators were like her.

Miss Wilson was a good colleague and a great friend who touched all of our hearts in so many different and extremely valuable ways.

She had a robust sense of humor and her laughter was something to behold. She was a person of wit and warmth and her pet word was “fabulous”, everything was fabulous. She loved the colour purple and seemed to have a wardrobe full of purple garments. It did not stop there; she had purple pens, purple paper clips, purple post-it, purple everything.

Miss Wilson was a worthy lady and a lady of great worth. She leaves behind a void in our hearts and the school that will be virtually impossible to fill.

Rest in peace dear friend.

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