September 2020 Volume 16

KCOBA New York Announces new Board for 2020-2021

George B. Bell
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The Covid19 Pandemic affected and continues to affect all facets of our lives. Sadly, too many of our families, friends, co-workers, neighbors and citizens of the world have paid the ultimate price. While the virus continues to threaten our daily lives, we are forced to find ways to live with it as we battle to regain some normalcy, or survive in the ‘new normal’. Like many organizations, Kingston College Old Boys’ Association (USA) Inc. had to resort to technology and held a virtual Annual General Meeting & Elections. This historic feat took place on July 26, 2020, and thanks to members of the Board and the nominating committee, the process was a resounding success.

Truthfully, faced with the unknown and a high level of uncertainty, there was trepidation as the Board voted to not only have a virtual AGM, but also virtual Elections. Fortunately, the leadership of the association does not normally back down from challenges and with a few determined board members and the nominating chairman, the mission was accomplished. The AGM & Elections went smoothly with more efficiency, broader participation, and this was reflected in the 77% of eligible voters, voting. Covid19 or not, the format used should remain an option as we move forward.

As is customary, the afternoon had two sections: General Meeting and Elections. The elections was managed by Mr. Ansell Barrett, the chairman of the nominating committee. Mr. Barrett’s job was pleasantly straightforward on the day of the AGM. Thanks to the adopted process, his job was just to closed the election and present the results as tabulated by OpaVote (the voting platform that was employed for the elections). Of course, most of the ‘heavy lifting’ was done on the backend and started weeks before. Voting in the election actually started (electronically) on Thursday, July 23, 2020. There were seven (7) director’s positions voted on: Five (5) directors were re-elected and the Board welcomed back Mr. Wilton ‘Prentice’ Williams and welcomed new board member, Mr. Christopher Campbell. Note, the term of officers was previously amended to two (2) years and they will be up for election next year.

Congratulations to the elected board members and let’s get it on as we continue to fulfill the mission. Thank you to all the members who participated in the meeting and exercised their voting rights. A special thank you to Messrs. Ansell Barrett, Dwayne Montaque & Everton Howell for making the OpaVote a reality. Thank you to President Bloomfield and the other board members who contributed to a successful AGM & Elections. Gentlemen, we know that there is a lot more work to be done, especially with the most recent adversary, Covid19, around. We must re-commit and strategize to be even more effective and efficient in the coming year.

Below is a complete list of the election results . FORTIS!!!

Announcing the members of the 2020 - 2021 Board of Kingston College Old Boys Association USA Inc.:

OFFICERS 2019-2021 :

President – Rainford ‘Perry’ Bloomfield '88

1st, Vice President – Everton Howell '85

2nd, Vice President – Alton Brown ‘87

Secretary – George Bell '85

Treasurer – Dwayne Montaque ‘98

DIRECTORS 2020-2022 (*Newly Elected) :

Christopher Campbell ‘86*

Clinton Daley ‘86

Alvadio Golding ‘98

Royland Gordon ‘99

Courtney Richardson ‘85

Cedric Williams ‘73

Wilton ‘Prentice’ Williams ‘80

DIRECTORS 2019-2021 :

Donald ‘Clive’ Davidson ‘63

Barrington Burke-Green ‘78

Winston ‘Ras’ Henry 75

Mark McTaggart ‘91

Norman Scott ‘57

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