December 2020 Volume 16

When A Man Loves

Staff reporter KC Times
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When a Man Loves is a captivating story about a young Jamaican man navigating the world without much-needed guidance. This story is one man's journey navigating masculinity and all the traps it sets.

Pete Kennedy witnessed how men have failed in their culture, their families, and themselves without it. He saw it with his own eyes: selling drugs, joining gangs, and endless affairs. Pete walked on the wild side. Until one day, he knew he had to stop.

Part memoir, part self-development, When a Man Loves illustrates how men can learn how to be leaders and untangle themselves from society's toxic expectations.

Through travel and therapy, Pete discovers how to live an honest, connected life. Within these pages, Pete shows us how to become the leaders we all have inside of us and how to set ourselves up for success.

We learn what the MUST, SHOULD, COULDs are of our lives, and how to live a life of love through leadership. Pete teaches us to apply leadership in every facet of our lives: our families, friendships, and careers.

Pete knew as a child that he was not being served. Growing up in Kingston, Jamaica, he was looking for a leader but couldn't find one. A distant father, being low-income, surrounded by crime, all of these factors pushed Pete down a path he might not have traveled if he had better direction. Pete Kennedy chronicles his life choices based on what he never had: real leadership.

Attending KC was the birthplace of Pete’s quest to live his best life, after which he left the island in 1997 for Chicago, IL USA. Five years later after graduating from DeVry University, with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, Pete moved to Florida in 2002.

On the quest to live his best life, Pete has personally studied and applied the power of leadership and emotional intelligence along with the importance of vision and purpose. These skills have served him greatly as a leader for 15 years in various industries.

Pete is the President and CEO of E.M.Y.L.L., which stands for Educating Men & Youth How to Lead & Live, and focuses on the personal and professional development of individuals of all ages.

Pete has made it his life's work to empower individuals all over the world, traveling to the UK, the Philippines, all the United States coasts, as well as Jamaica to share his story and inspire others. Pete is the EVP of the Membership Relations department at the Black Professional Networks (BPN) and a member of the John Maxwell Leadership Team (JMT). Through his studies, Pete gained a master’s degree in Educational Leadership.

All these accomplishments and work have not lessened his devotion to his wife Jillian and his two sons Dontae and Jace who are the center of his universe

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