December 2020 Volume 16

Leighton Hollar’s Pocket Charms

Staff reporter KC Times
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Pocket Charms was born out of the desire to recapture a childhood activity that brought great joy and satisfaction for Leighton Hollar and his big sister, Lorraine. Lorraine first introduced him to these short, clever treats in rhyme that he eagerly collected and learned. In fact, they competed to see who could find, collect, and show off the best new rhymes.

These short, clever verses were traded throughout the school yard by boys and girls from primary to high school. Most verses were simple and well known a few however, were more complex and harder to memorize. These school yard rhymes were highly prized. The more complex the less likely that owner would give it up or trade it. Therefore, it was up to you to memorize the verse as quickly as you could.

In writing this book, Pocket Charms, Hollar reached out to friends and relatives, especially those youngsters of Middle and High School age for verses they had in their possession and they in turn reached out to friends and so, along with his own creations, enough was gathered and Pocket Charms became a reality.

Pocket Charms expresses many different styles of poetry and verses.

Leighton Hollar is a West Indian-American Poet who immigrated from Kingston, Jamaica to the Bronx, New York in the early seventies. He began writing poetry in the late sixties and continues to develop his craft at poetry reading and workshops throughout the United States.

Leighton; a graduate of Kingston College, Jamaica West Indies, is the author of 10 Books to date, co-author of two with Charity Ferris and the publisher of 16 under his Stallion Book Production Label. He also co-authored and published. The Coming of Three Spirits under his earlier Phase 11 Productions. Cynthia Harris and Gabrielle Lane-Clark are the other two co-authors and kindred spirits. They are both African-Americans who grew up and hone their craft, in New York City.

Leighton, after living, working and raising children for over forty years in Bronx, New York is now retired and living in Decatur, Georgia.

You can learn more about Mr. Hollar and view his Poetry Books, Framed Poetry and other works at / Facebook Hollarium Enterprises Unlimited

Email: Cell: (718) 530-8480

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