November 2012 Volume 9

My Talk with Dave Myrie, Newly Appointed Headmaster

Author: Derrick R Wright

Principal Dave Myrie

All indications are that South Florida is the place to be for what is reportedly one of the biggest and most prolific fund raising events held to benefit a Jamaican high school.  So, when I heard that the newly appointed Kingston College headmaster was going to be in town for   read more

Ambassador Stephen Charles Vasciannie

Author: Esmond K. Scott

Ambassador Stephen Vasciannie

For a great many, it is strongly urged that we have a finely tuned elevator pitch. It sums up who we are to a captured party—especially when solicited.  Still, others achieve such status and a boilerplate is necessary.  This solidifies accomplishment, authenticity, and aura, and its repetition lends constant emphasis   read more

KCOB Publishes his Coming to America Story

Author: Dr. Glen Laman

Mikea Osei

In Crossroads, author Mikea Osei writes a heartwarming story that chronicles his life as a Jamaican immigrant living in the United States. His family settled permanently in the land of milk and honey to have a better future. Along his journey from the tiny island nation of Jamaica, he has   read more

Charles Johnson `Chester’ Burgess: The Erudite Observer

Author: Ray Ford

Chester Burgess

Charles Johnson `Chester' Burgess who passed on October 5th, 2012, might be best known to the public as a fearless, provocative and extraordinary social commentator whose pieces appeared regularly in the Jamaica Gleaner and elsewhere in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Mr. Burgess attended Kingston College from 1928 to   read more

Historic KCOBA Reunion Dinner to be held at Wyndham Hotel

Author: Conrod Senior

Conrad Senior

The 80-year-old Kingston College Old Boys Association (KCOBA) has adjusted the all-male traditional format of its annual reunion dinner.

Starting with this year's renewal on November 17, the association will begin to allow women to attend the event, ending the decades-old, all-male fellowship.

The board of directors of the KCOBA   read more

Fortis From the Land of Your Breadfruit Ancestors – Rundown and Coconut

Author: Michael O. Walters

Michael Walters

I was in a marketplace one Friday night in June, 2012 in Pago Pago, American Samoa, purchasing and sampling some of the local food.   As instructed by a vendor, I dipped my roasted green banana (photo 1) in a white speckled, brownish pasty main course in half of a coconut   read more

The 2012 Big Purple Session Fund Raiser for Kingston College

Author: Derrick R Wright

The 2012 Big Purple Session Fund Raiser for Kingston College

Picture this: I am simply cooling out at the 2012 Purple Session fund raising event in Miramar, Florida, sipping a brew (Liptons), and I am seated quite comfortably in an area that I think is the courtyard of the truly magnificent Miramar Cultural Center building.  There are flat screen monitors   read more

KC Old Boys Honor Three Of Its Hard Working Ladies

Author: Staff reporter KC Times

Dawn Hamilton, Sonia Rose and Pat Bignalreceive awards at Purple Masters

Recently, the Jamaica chapter of the KCOBA honoured three ladies and plaques presented to them as follows:


In recognition of over two (2) decades of outstanding and dedicated service to Kingston College, in particular the area of Track and Field.


 For Dedicated and Continuous service to   read more

Fortis Pavilion and Cadet Unit Complete Flag Pole Project

Author: Wayne O. Robertson

Fortis Pavilion - hard at work

A joint Fortis Pavilion/KC Cadet Unit Project was conducted on Saturday and Sunday, September 15th and 16th at both the Melbourne and North Street Campuses to restore the flag poles.

At Melbourne, a new walkway concrete base was constructed within the garden (where the flag pole is located), along with a   read more

Two KC students Awarded Cuban Medical Scholarships

Author: Basil Waite

KC Darreux Gordon(l) & Jason Scott and other 3 awardees pose with Ambassador Galaand and Anthony Hylton is Minister of Industry, Investment and Trade

Two KC students, Darrieux Gordon and Jason Scott numbered among the five Jamaican recipients of Cuban Medical Scholarships for the 2012- 2013 academic year.

According to Russell Bell editor of Yes Cuba, “It was a truly wonderful and moving ceremony at the Cuban Embassy in Jamaica on June 8,   read more

KCOB Heads new Jamaican Airline

Author: Staff reporter KC Times

Fly Jamaica Airways

Fledgling Fly Jamaica Airways last week completed a flawless test flight from Kingston, Jamaica to Georgetown, Guyana to fulfill one of the major requirements in earning its local and international civil aviation certification, anticipated to be completed within the month.  This achievement is hardly surprising given Chairman Captain Lloyd Tai's   read more

Two receive David ‘Wagga’ Hunt Scholarship

Author: Basil Waite

Dave Myrie, KC Principal (left) and Sian Wilson, Vice Principal at Calabar (right), with all 8 recipients

Hamani Henry of KC and Delroy Matterson of Calabar High are the 2012 recipients of the David ‘Wagga’ Hunt Memorial Scholarship.

Valued at J$100,000 per annum each, both youngsters along with six past scholarship awardees, were presented with their cheques by Carlene Edwards, senior corporate communication officer of Supreme   read more

KC Survives Hurricane Sandy with only Minor Issues

Author: Dr. Glen Laman

A view of the Hope River as it swells with rain from Hurricane Sandy in Kingston

According to KC's principal Dave Myrie, "Kingston College came through the hurricane fairly well. We had no damage to buildings or property. In the main, we had leaks and water came into classrooms and staffrooms on both campuses. We also had leaks in the main administration building on North Street."

  read more

A Few Words from the Editor

Author: Dr. Glen Laman

Glen Laman

When I was a boy my grandmother would recite an old mariner’s poem about hurricanes:

June-- too soon. 
July-- stand by! 
August-- look out you must. 
September-- remember. 
October,  all over.

With all the problems caused by hurricane Sandy recently in the Caribbean and the   read more

FORTIS Road to Champs 2013

Author: Noel Spencer, MBA, LUTCF, EA

Noel Spencer

December last year, I heard of the shortages facing some of our student athletes as they went about their daily lives of fulfilling their young dreams. These dreams included getting a daily decent meal; having car fare to ply to and from school, and to compete respectfully for Kingston College.

  read more

Easton McMorris to be Honored at Toronto Banquet

Author: Ray Ford

Easton McMorris

Former Kingston College, Jamaica and West Indies cricketer Easton McMorris, O.D., will be this year’s Guest of Honor at the Kingston College Old Boys Association Toronto Chapter’s 39th Annual Reunion & Awards Banquet which will be held on Saturday, November 3rd at the Pearson Convention Center, 2638 Steeles Avenue, East   read more


Author: Everton Barrett

Everton Barrett

Imagine the theme from mission impossible playing quietly in the background, you’re sitting in a small congested office and the audio on the speakerphone comes on,
“ Good day Mr. Myrie, the mission you have accepted is challenging, dangerous, and colossal  but should you succeed, you will be   read more

KC In The News

Author: Staff reporter KC Times

KC In The News

Kingston College is increasingly in the news. Check this column for links to recent articles about KC.

Old Boys, students and teachers are making headlines and these are published in various media. We have searched several sources to provide the latest items available on the worldwide web.

If you   read more

Nicole Ondoro – Maurice MacDonald scholarship recipient – 2012

Author: Lance Seymour

Nicole Ondoro

Nicole Ondoro is the recipient of the 2012 scholarship in memory of Maurice MacDonald, the late former vice president of Kingston College Old Boys’ Association (Toronto).
She is the granddaughter of the former secretary of KCOBA (Toronto), Norman Lee. Nicole is enrolled in the business commerce program at the   read more

Profile on Dr. Seymour Douglas

Author: Ian Wilkinson

Dr. Seymour Douglas

Seymour Bentley Douglas was born in Kingston, Jamaica on the 23rd day of March, 1964. From very humble beginnings, Seymour has always possessed a tremendous sense of ambition to make himself better and to improve the lot of others.  These attributes were reinforced as his love for reading grew with   read more