January 2013 Volume 10

2013 New Year’s Message from Atlanta

Author: Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams

We wish the KC family and all Jamaicans at home and abroad a very happy and prosperous New Year.

On each of his two visits to Atlanta since his appointment, His Excellency, Ambassador Stephen Vasciannie has pointed out how significant the work of past student associations are to the development   read more

New Year’s Message – KCOBA (New York)

Author: Rainford ‘Perry’ Bloomfield

Rainford Perry Bloomfield

As we bid a solemn farewell to 2012 and eagerly welcome 2013, let me take this opportunity to wish you all the prosperity that this New Year may bring.

In reflecting on the past year, I must express gratitude for your continued support to our association. KCOBA USA Inc. Board   read more

New Year Message from the Florida Chapter

Author: Staff reporter KC Times

KC Crest

Productive New Year to all. Good health and continued fortitude to the cause.

As we embark on a new year, let us up the ante to ensure that the College gets our full support and commitment to be the best that it can be for the education process in   read more

Two KC Old Boys Receive Awards from Press Association of Jamaica

Author: Dr. Glen Laman

HG Helps

HG Helps, Vice President of the Jamaica Chapter of the KC Old Boys Association and Jamaica Observer's Editor-At-Large, received the Carl Wint Award for Human Interest Features (Print Media) at the Press Association of Jamaica (PAJ) awards function held recently in Kingston.

The Morris Cargill Award for Opinion Journalism   read more

How I Remember Mr. G

Author: Anthony Clarke

Mr G.

With “nuff” mixed feelings, this is how I remember the GREAT Sir G.

- Widow's Lane GYM…1960's

- Weights training in the afternoons by the Pavillion and onto Eli Matalon Drive at Clovelly Park

- Driving his falcon motor car at 5 mph

- Drinking his "tonic" from the Horlicks bottle during   read more

George Thompson Memorial Scholarship Fund to Receive Matching Funds

Author: Staff reporter KC Times

KCOBA Atlanta

An anonymous donor is matching the first ten US$100 donations made to the George Thompson Memorial Scholarship fund.

The George Thompson Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by the Atlanta chapter of the Kingston College Old Boys’ Association in memory of the legendary and beloved Kingston College Old Boy and Jamaica National Football   read more

Mr. G: A Portrait of Dedication and Discipline

Author: Excerpted from the 1979 Kingston College year book

Mr G. at K.C. in 2001- Photographer Ronnie Chin

On any day of the school week and sometimes on a Saturday, the familiar sight of a man, clad usually in a T-shirt and slacks can be seen either on the field or down at the Sports Department supervising weight training.

He stands only 5 feet 5 inches and weights   read more

KC Gets New School Bus

Author: Dr. Glen Laman

KC Gets New School Bus

On Friday, January 18, 2013 Kingston College accepted delivery of a long awaited school bus and a new motorcycle which will address longstanding transportation issues at the school. 

The bus will be used by the school to transport students to various events during the year. The motorcycle is primarily   read more

Record Attendance at 2012 George Thompson Scholarship Dance in Atlanta

Author: Dr. Glen Laman

KCOBA ATL 2012 George Thompson Scholarship Dance in Atlanta

A record crowd descended on the Medlock Bridge Clubhouse in Alpharetta on Saturday, December 15th,   2012 for the Annual George Thompson Memorial Scholarship Fund Dance.  

This year’s function also hosted the drawing of a raffle by the Jamaica 50th Atlanta Independence Planning Committee.  

 DJ Migraine once again   read more

Youngster Goldsmith: The Other `Mighty Mouse’

Author: Ray Ford

Mr. G (left) part of KC's and Jamaica's first track team to Penn Relays

Dr. Keyes doesn’t call and leave voicemail messages for me often. But, whenever he does, something is usually up. And so when I returned his call later on that day, something was. Mr. G had died.

The guard that brought Kingston College fourteen consecutive schoolboy Championship Athletics Sports victories beginning   read more

Rev. Ramsay and ‘Youngster’ Goldsmith

Author: Mark A. Wignall

Rev JAH Ramsey

On that January day in 1963 when I stepped onto the campus of 2a North Street, in khaki short pants and purple-and-white cotton tie, classically knotted in the 'candy bump' style, I was convinced that I had arrived in paradise, or so it seems now.

The November the year before   read more

KCOBA Jamaica Reunion Dinner 2012

Author: Conrod Senior

KCOBA Jamaica Reunion Dinner 2012

As the hour drew closer, so also the thought of being able to host females at the dinner........This reality started a few months ago at a meeting of The KCOBA Executive; there The President placed the issue squarely on the table and asked for a vote...... Needless to say, the   read more

Ambassador Vasciannie Gives Keynote Speech at Atlanta Jamaica 50th Awards Ceremony

Author: Staff reporter KC Times

Atlanta Jamaica 50th Awards Ceremony Honorees

Jamaica’s ambassador to the United States, Stephen Vasciannie, delivered the keynote address at the Atlanta Jamaica 50th awards ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, January 19, 2013.

 The awards ceremony concludes a series of year-long series activities staged in that city to mark Jamaica's 50th Independence Anniversary.

The   read more

What Makes a Teacher Effective?

Author: Dr. Glen Laman

Glen Laman

One of the best teachers I had at KC was former deputy headmaster, the late Mr. James Crick.  He taught us Latin in the 5th form.  Most students at KC at that time had encountered Mr. Crick in another capacity, as the resident disciplinarian for the lower school, but never   read more

Beijing Trip for Jamaican Dance Troupe

Author: Dr. Glen Laman

Beijing Trip for Jamaican Dance Troupe

Atlanta KCOB Glendon Thompson is asking us to help the inner city dance troupe known as L’Acadco: A United Caribbean Dance Force get to Beijing, China for the Meet in Beijing Arts Festival.  The festival will be held in May, 2013.

L'Acadco's freshness exudes from a revolutionary fusion of   read more

The Key Club’s Christmas Project 2012

Author: Je-Vaughn Wynter

The Key Club’s Christmas Project 2012

The Kingston College Key Club’s major Christmas project, fondly called the President’s project, is a special service-oriented event carried out annually on Christmas Day at the Jamaica Christian Boys’ Home. Dedicated and service yearning KC Key Club members,  along with our faculty advisors saw it fit to spend Christmas giving   read more

Easton McMorris, O.D.: Checking the Right Boxes

Author: Ray Ford

Mrs McMorris, Easton and KC mate Ever Hoo in Toronto

If the Reverend Percival William Gibson were here tonight as we honor Easton Dudley McMorris, he might have said: `Well done son. You have checked all the right boxes.’ 

It was Gary Neill - son of Gladstone, a former Kingston College cricket captain -  who pointed out in the   read more

Why Gun Controls Alone Won’t Work

Author: John Prescod Jr.

John Prescod Jr

The recent killing by a gunman apparently with mental health issues of his mother followed by the slaughtering of innocent children and female teachers at the school in Sandy Hook, Newtown, is a tragedy to say the least. No killing of innocent persons can be acceptable. But in view of   read more

In Memoriam

Author: Staff reporter KC Times

Peter Maxwell

Peter Maxwell former Kingston College Headboy and retired lecturer in English and literature at the University of the West Indies died recently at the University Hospital of the West Indies.
Maxwell was a Headboy in 1957.  He also taught English at KC and was editor of the publications   read more

KC In The News

Author: Staff reporter KC Times

KC In The News

Kingston College is increasingly in the news. Check this column for links to recent articles about KC.

Old Boys, students and teachers are making headlines and these are published in various media. We have searched several sources to provide the latest items available on the worldwide web.

If you   read more

Yes `Major’: A tribute to Christopher Martin-Jenkins

Author: Ray Ford

Ray Ford and Christopher Martin-Jenkins

In 1981 while working at an alumina refinery in Jamaica, I tried to talk my way into the company’s cricket team. The powers to be would have none of it. The popular saying goes: `if you can’t beat them, then join them.’ But, they didn’t want me to join them.   read more

WilCes Distributors Announces first Product

Author: Conrod Senior

Old Grog Rum Punch.

A Partnership between KCOB Conrad Senior and Pat Williams Bignall

WilCes Distributors recently introduced a new product to the Jamaican market – Old Grog Rum Punch.  This is the same Rum Punch that clients have been drinking for years and have always encouraged us to stamp our mark on.   read more

Barry Huie: From Book to Book

Author: Ray Ford

Barry Huie

As I first arrived and sat at the November 3rd Reunion & Awards Banquet, I was expecting a gentle tap on my shoulder, like it had been in the past for so many years. That tap usually came from Barry Huie, because the quiet way in which he walked, one   read more

Rashaun Watson is the 11th Bruce Rickards Scholar

Author: Basil Waite

Rashaun Watson

Nineteen year-old University of the West Indies first-year Social Science student, Rashaun Kenute Watson, is the 2012 recipient of the Bruce Rickards Scholarship.

The annual scholarship which is in its eleventh year is awarded by the Grace Kennedy Foundation to a Kingston College student of outstanding academic achievement. It was   read more