February 2012 Volume 9

Youth and Culture Minister, Lisa Hanna, visits KC

Basil Waite
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Newly appointed Minister of Youth and Culture Ms. Lisa Hanna visited with KC sixth formers on Thursday, January 19. A packed boardroom at the North Street campus welcomed the former beauty queen, who was introduced by vice principal Mr. Everton Burrell and the 2006 Winston Stewart Spelling Bee Champion, Joel Nordkham.

Ms. Hanna indicated that the main purpose of her visit was to attempt to remove the negative perception which some of the younger generation have of politics and governance. She also wanted to participate in an interactive forum where she could hear some of the burning issues of the day on the minds of the younger generation, and get some suggestions as to on how these issues might be positively addressed. As the Minister noted, she was keen to develop pathways for youth which will lead to their spiritual and economic advancement. A lively question & answer session, reminiscent of the popular Rappin programme of the late 1980's, ensued.

 A good part of the discussion centered around the attitudes and values of the new generation. The young audience also expressed to the new Minister the need for opportunities in employment, assistance in starting small businesses, and avenues for cultural expression. But foremost, the sixth formers wanted to see leaders whom they could trust, the eradication of corruption and good governance which had the interest of youth at heart. These issues they say, if addressed, would see more young people becoming interested in the political process, and even choosing politics as a career.

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