April 2012 Volume 9

Family Tribute to Frankie Tenn

Staff reporter KC Times
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Read by daughter Natalie Tenn

Dad, Grandpa, Brother, Uncle Frankie -- A statistician with a memory as sharp as a razor. We "googled" his information many a time. He was right on all occasions and even up to the last moment he was correcting me on my misinformation.

A photographer, bordering on "obsessive compulsive behaviour". When he saw a garden of flowers he would stop, no matter whose it was and begin to survey the landscape for a possible photography session.

Case in point: a couple years ago as we drove along a side street in  Markham (keep in mind he lives in Scarborough), Jessica spotted him in a field taking pictures of the "fall foliage" perched with his cowboy hat on and clicking away, totally oblivious to us or anyone. Parked faithfully at the side of the road was his beloved Toyota corolla, which is by the way still "alive and with new owners".

News of the World - you could count on Frankie to tell you all the affairs in Jamaica as well as internationally. One would think he still lived in Jamaica as he was so current. Reading his Jamaica Gleaner and Observer daily online, was mandatory.

Carry a conversation: one had to break away or you could be trapped talking with Frankie for a few hours well. Many of you can attest to the long distance phone charges.

He was strong-willed and held his point well. Many times we bucked heads. "Mom would you not agree?"
He befriended everyone he met from all walks in life, from people he met in the elevator to people who he might just have met through an acquaintance. He would tell them their ancestral history if he ever found out what was their nationality. That was Dad.
He was a "foody", like all of us. He would instruct one how to pick a mango or avocado. I did not know how many steps it took to choose one for purchase. He carefully explained like a tutorial to anyone who would listen in the supermarket from the smell to the feel.

Dad as the Grandpa: I don't think he ever changed a diaper but I can tell you he would rock the grandchildren 24/7; never letting them cry. As they grew older, it was grandpa who streaked Nicholas's hair blonde, much to Grandma's protests. Not to mention Jessica. She had him wrapped around her little finger, when it came to riding all those horses and cars in the malls. Never letting him pass those coin operated bubble gum machines. To this day he would spoil them as they were his "pride & joy."

Anyway, he lived an eventful, filled LIFE, never letting his illness affect the positive attitude he maintained through all the gruelling clinical trials. He opted to do every one that the doctors offered and you could say he had "nine lives" as we visited the hospital more and more in the last year.

Frankie loved his family and friends and made lasting impressions especially with his quirky anecdotes pictures, tokens, treats and chocolates. He had a "sweet tooth" and if he ever found out you were one too, you would be spoiled. Not to mention an endless supply of calendars, which he kept on hand in the trunk of that same Toyota Corolla. I see that Mom has picked up the habit, so we will be closely monitoring her for any OCD behaviour.

MOM, I know that you lost your lifelong partner of 48 yrs.
"Lurls", you deserve a medal for the loving care and devotion to Dad, right up to the end. We love you.

Thank You Frankie, DAD Grandpa and Pop's.

WALK GOOD …We are happy that you suffer no more. Go with NUFF NUFF BLESSINGS as you are FREE!!

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