July 2012 Volume 9

David “Wagga” Hunt Classic 2012

Robert Taylor
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The Second Inaugural Year for The David "Wagga" Hunt Classic was Saturday, June 2, 2012 in New York. Though we are not at the point where we can sit on our laurels, we have nevertheless, seen an increase in attendance over last year. Many have put in hard work to make this a success. The contributions came from both Kingston College (KC) and Calabar High School (Calabar) old boys. I could not in fairness write without giving credit to the many sponsors. They are, Flowers Physical Therapy, VP Records, Trans Continental Express Shippers, Planned Financial Services, and Cross Island Health and Fitness Center. We are extremely thankful for all contributions. One hundred percent of all funds collected will be going towards the funding of the Foundation’s Annual Scholarship given to two Grade Eight students each from KC and Calabar, through to Grade Thirteen, provided they remain eligible. Currently there are six (6) Scholarship recipients with two (2) more anticipated to be added for the coming School Year 2012 – 2013.

The hard work of Christopher Hunt, the dream behind the Wagga Hunt Foundation, KCOBA NY providing help through Rainford “Perry” Bloomfield, the president, Devon “Rootsman” Husset, who helped to promote the event, Alton Brown, who provided photography and a generator and Robert Rodney (Rodo), Vice President. Rodo made sure that every element possible was accounted for and taken care of.  When the event was over, he was leading the cleaning and packing up crew.  On the Calabar side, we must give credit to Clive Williams for being the MC, with his schoolmates Jimmy “Judah” Wilson and Laird Jonas, who worked tirelessly while coordinating with Rodo to make the event an overall success.  Also, making sure we were all entertained was KC stalwart, Douglas Laufman, the DJ.  He provided us with quality music and hilarious comments from time to time. Other contributions that I failed to mention, I ask for forgiveness, because all contributions were helpful and without it, we could not have been successful.

Present in the crowd was Constance White, Editor- in- Chief of Essence magazine. She gave a speech extolling her pleasure and belief in what the Wagga Hunt foundation is trying to accomplish. Hoping that in the coming years, she will merit us with her company providing some form of sponsorship.

The event started out a bit later than originally planned because of circumstances beyond our control. This year, we saw not only a bigger crowd but also a richer mixture. Last year was mostly a KC dominated crowd, while this time around, we had a significantly higher Calabar presence than the previous year.

The event had multiple football games, with Meadhaven playing a New York select team; the KC Old Boys Masters, captained by Leroy “Barnabas” Dias versus Baisley United, led by Lloyd “Ditto Bloats” Matthews and the feature game between KC of North Street and Calabar from Red Hills Road. The school from Red Hills Road won the game with a score of 3 - 1. Unlike last year where the trophy was shared, this year the David "Wagga" Hunt trophy was handed to Calabar. Disappointment was our emotion but as true to the Spirit of the Wagga Hunt foundation, we all congratulated them on their well-deserved victory. It was obvious they came prepared to win and it showed in their quality of play.  Calabar was quicker on the ball and had crisper passes. They exemplified teamwork by the unselfish way they shared the ball and thus were deserved winners.
It was disappointing losing to Calabar but with the obviously great preparation by their coach Dago, it was a fitting way for them to celebrate their 100 Year Anniversary.  With all sincerity, we all congratulate Calabar on the momentous achievement of 100 years in existence.  

Out of losing, we can learn something about how to play and act as one instead of individuals going one’s own route to arrive at the same destination pursued by all . The spirit of "Fortis Cadere Cedere Non Potest" and "The Utmost for the Highest" lives on and I am hoping that the Wagga Hunt - New York leg continues to grow.

One lesson that was evident at the Wagga Hunt Classic and this is a lesson that exemplifies the spirit of the Wagga Hunt Foundation, is that KC and Calabar are competitors, who strive to beat each other in the arena of all competitions but at the end of it all, we are all citizens of one society.

 I am hoping that the Wagga Hunt Foundation can be a catalyst that teaches the young students at both schools to see competition as one thing and after it is all over, brotherhood and friendship be there. The annual 'Champs’ violence we are seeing in the society should not be a part or way of thought but it seems the students find it acceptable. It is bad enough to have such a violent society, now we are seeing it happening in the some of the top high schools of the society. With the scholarships that the Foundation provides, I am hoping it helps to shine light on what we should be as a society. The lessons of David "Wagga" Hunt life and the dreams of the Foundation, I am hoping will move from a vision to a reality.

This vision is about the students of both schools understanding that winning is great, competing with one utmost best is expected, wanting to see the other side lose is okay but extending one emotions to real hatred and violence is not right nor should it be acceptable.

Next year, I am expecting a better-prepared KC side to recover the David "Wagga" Hunt Trophy; after all, we are KC. The Organizers should expect a continued growth in crowd support, sponsorship and individual contributions. Most of all, I expect the spirit of the Foundation to take a stronger foothold within both Schools student body. They are the future of the society and they need to understand, live and believe in the true spirit of competition, goodwill and nation building. Inculcating the values of The David “Wagga” Hunt Foundation spirit is important to the Nations future and thus we should be thankful to Christopher Hunt, the driving force behind the Foundation.

All thanks and accolades must include the tireless workers, organizers, sponsors and contributors they all made Saturday June 2, 2012, a wonderful and joyous day. Calabar won the Wagga Hunt trophy but next year we will be back. To all, both KC and Calabar brothers I end with "Fortis Cadere Cedere Non Potest" and "The Utmost for the Highest”.

 The next leg of the David “Wagga” Hunt Classic is scheduled for Sunday, August 12, 2012 at the UWI Mona Bowl, in Jamaica. We are not hoping but expecting a well-supported event by the schools alumni and present student bodies, friends and families.

Robert Taylor is a member of  Fortis78

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