January 2013 Volume 10

New Year Message from the Florida Chapter

Staff reporter KC Times
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Productive New Year to all. Good health and continued fortitude to the cause.

As we embark on a new year, let us up the ante to ensure that the College gets our full support and commitment to be the best that it can be for the education process in Jamaica.

Our vigor is strengthened by the installment of our new Headmaster, Dave Myrie. The utterances from the Fortis family bodes well for the future…….BUT he and his administration need our help!

Things are happening. The much needed school bus will be delivered soon. (Last check is that it is now at the dealership after finally leaving the Ports).  Hopefully, by the time that this edition of KC Times is out, the Bus will be at Clovelly Park.

A mini-summit of such was held on October 6th last with all the Chapter heads and the new Principal, in South Florida on the morning of the annual South Florida Dance. To say that all those present being introduced to Mr. Myrie for the first time left impressed with his vision and persona , would be an understatement. We are encouraged, and as stated earlier, reinvigorated to the cause.

Effective lines of communication have been re-established with the KC admin, thanks to Dave Myrie, We even have started to receive a “Thank You” for resources received! That is progress.

Anyhow, back to the task at hand. Let us continue to work together as one KC family to provide the valued educational resources for our School, within our capabilities. If I am to use an analogy from our favorite schoolboy pastime (Champs). We are in the race, albeit trailing right now, but we have more bodies on board, and we should be able to come out with more points than the winner for this event.

Never yielding, let us take home the trophy for our students, our beloved school and improve the educational product for Jamaica.

South Florida Chapter.

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