May 2013 Volume 10

Meet Charmaine Rose –Administrator, Kingston College Secretariat

Basil Waite
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Charmaine Rose is the Administrator of the Kingston College Secretariat. Miss Rose was recently appointed to the post by an Action Council /Steering Committee and took up her duties on February 1, 2013 at the offices of McKenley and Associates situated at 12 Kingslyn Avenue, Kingston 10.

The Action Council /Steering Committee is a recently formed group which followed on the initiative of the KCOB local chapter .  It witnessed the coming together of various KC stakeholders and comprised KCOB Jamaica President  Dr. Ray Fraser, his Treasurer Sixto Coy and PRO HG Helps; former KCOBA USA Inc.  President Robert Kelly,  KCOBs- Hon Dennis Lalor and Wilfred McKenley, KC Board Chairman Michael Vaccianna, KCDTF Chairman Woodburn Miller and KC Principal Dave Myrie.

The coalition of these varied interests marked a watershed in cooperation for an institution which prior to former Chairman Stephen Vasciannie was fragmented. It represented a commitment of the stakeholders to work towards the development of the school as well as coordinate and streamline its fundraising activities and consolidation of the respective databases. The purpose and objectives are set out in the Administrator’s terms of reference. It should be noted that it in no way duplicates or competes with that of the individual stakeholder but rather seeks to enhance, facilitate and complement each other.  Part of its strategic objective also is to centralise common activities and improve communication amongst the entities.

“The… role of the administrator is to assist the Action Council/Steering Committee in the implementation and management of a Secretariat to support the overall development of Kingston College and in developing and executing the fundraising activities”.

Principal responsibilities
These include:
-To assist the Steering Group /Action Council in the implementation of Kingston College’s major giving and fundraising strategy.
-To help to create and maintain a central portfolio of project information for use in developing proposals across the school.
-To provide admin support and ensure information on funding is up to date.
--To have a database of all  boys who have graduated from KC since 1925, an initiative  already started by Wilfred  McKenley and for which some 20,000 names have been captured to date.

Oversight responsibility is reposed in the Principal and Board Chair, Old Boys President, KCDTF and alumni chapters.

It is anticipated once the resources are in place, the post of Administrator will be upgraded to that of an Executive Director and a fully up and running Secretariat will be relocated to the KC North Street campus

Many may well ask who is this lady that heads up this powerful Secretariat.

Charmaine A Rose is a Scorpio hence the moniker ‘Queen Scorpion’. A child of the very early 70’s she grew up in Irish Town, East Rural St Andrew. She attended Craighton All Age, situated  in the hillside community and thereafter Campion College (1981-1987). Having obtained CXC passes, she went on to EXED Community College where she attained a diploma in Business Administration. In 2004 she was awarded the BSc (Hons) degree in Business Administration from the University College of the Caribbean.

Prior to the job at KC, Charmaine was employed at the Port Authority of Jamaica and Lascelles deMercado. Her scope of interests span wedding planning and event coordinating.

She fell in love with Kingston College from very early. Hence, she did not hesitate to have her son Ramon put KC as his first choice when he sat the GSAT at Vaz Prep. Once the lad entered the hallowed portals of Kingston College, Charmaine plunged herself into the schools activities particularly track and field where to this day she remains a member of its management team.

She loves to read and exercise and is actively involved in the Irish Town Citizen Association

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