October 2013 Volume 10

Purple Masters 2013 – The Celebrity Spin off Edition

Conrod Senior
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Purple Masters held was held on Saturday, July 27 at Chasers Café on Belmont Road with a new twist.  Instead of going solely for the usual professional disc jockeys, we gambled with using Fortis associated Celebrities.  So we had the likes of Justice David Batts, QC with his theme “why the call for Justice”, Ian Wilkinson, QC representing the defense churning out some hot love music.  Heather “Brown Sugar” Grant, a festival song winner, took us back in time with the festival songs of yesterday. Naomi Francis represented the Swan Girls while Bobby Smith along with his son rocked us with a mix of genres.

Marlon "The Gate-Keeper" Young and Raymond "DJ Venom" Peart kept the patrons dancing into the early hours of the morning. 

This year the KCOBA recognized three (3) persons for their sterling contributions to the KCOBA in general and to Kingston College in particular:

Linton Lewis aka “Poo” or “Flour” has been with KC for over 35 years and was responsible for the preparation of the cricket pitch on which the likes of Marlon Tucker, Robert and Marlon Samuels, Marlon Kennedy and so many more greats played some wonderful strokes. Poo is still at KC and can still be seen steadily pulling or pushing the heavy roller.

Lanzel Williams aka “Indian” has been with KC for 31 years. He is known for his calm demeanor and jovial personality.

Hazel Peterkin aka “Fanny” is always present at KC's sporting events and acts like a protective mother hen around the youngsters, especially the cricket players. Even though she's not as fit as she would like, she can still be seen and heard at both home and away cricket matches.

Young Oraine Lynch, who will be going off to Cuba to study medicine at the end of August, was presented with a token by Conrod Senior of WilCes Distributors - Old Grog Rum Punch to assist him with his travel arrangements.
Special thanks to George McLeish of Chaser's Café for hosting this year's Purple Master.

The evening was enjoyed by all present and we anticipate an even better turn out next year.

Fortis Forever!!

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