June 2016 Volume 13

Atlanta Chapter gets Wordpress Website

Dr. Glen Laman
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KCOBA Atlanta has received free web development work courtesy of a KC Old Boy from the 1950s and 1960s. The development work was completed by his daughter through her company. Dr. Lisa Richardson’s father is Lincoln Washington Richardson who graduated KC in 1962.

Lincoln is the Systems Project Manager in the Department of Nuclear Medicine at Jacobi Medical Center of the New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation. In addition to supervising the archiving of hundreds of thousands of images and compiling related statistics for the department, he's their go-to software genius.

Lisa holds a PhD from the University of Southern Mississippi in Higher Education Administration and Instructional Technology. She is the CEO of Tumblroute (http://tumblroute.com/ ) an Atlanta based enterprise Wordpress development company focused on communication and marketing solutions for cities and businesses.

Her dad is the reason she eventually went into web development as he instilled a love for computers in her from a very young age. When he brought home their first computer in the 80s, he had her and her brother coding right away. Although she made a detour through a career in higher education, computers were always there for her with her dad's blessing.

According to Lisa her father is a gentle but formidable soul with a strength that's belied by his quiet demeanor - a brilliant man of few words, so if he's speaking, you'd best listen! He still plays tennis regularly at age 73, and he's still “my very own genius as well.” He also holds a Master's in Chemistry among other credentials.

The Atlanta chapter will decide on the final use of this new website (www.kingstoncollege.org) shortly.

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