November 2021 Volume 17

Assemblyman Nick Perry’s Dream Comes true!! US Ambassador to Jamaica

Noel Spencer, MBA, LUTCF, EA
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On a 51 degree Friday night on Avenue U, in Brooklyn near the Verrazano Bridge and Coney Island, New York, USA- the Paradise Catering Hall was standing room only.

A long line of politicians were lined up to applaud and give best wishes to the nominee for Ambassador to Jamaica.

The speeches kicked off with Governor Kathy Hochul acclaiming the great work Nick has done in the State Assembly. She said he is a tough and a no-nonsense person.

Next in line was the State Comptroller Thomas Dinapoli; Dinapoli was hardly heard because of the noise in the room.

Schumer was beaming. When he tried to begin, the volume of noise was intense in the 400 seat Paradise Catering Hall which was sold out with 30 people being denied seats two weeks before the event.

Senator Schumer began to speak, but no one was listening. He became very Jamaican and started shhh at a loud volume over the microphone. The room became quiet.

Schumer said, we are witnessing a historic moment in world affairs. The senator jokingly said- Nick approached him earlier this year and said he has a dream to be the Ambassador to Jamaica. Hello, the dream is now a reality; because President Joe Biden has nominated our friend the Honorable Nick Perry to the United States Senate for approval to be the next Ambassador to Jamaica, WI.

Senator Schumer continued; this is the American dream; you come to the USA, get a higher education, join the military; become a community leader, then a state legislator for twenty nine years. The Assemblyman has created history, a history that every person in the USA and Jamaica will appreciate and cheer for years to come.

Senator Schumer continued, “I am excited to place his name in front of the Senate. I am voting for him and I am sure my colleagues will too - I'm the leader of the US Senate. Three cheers for Nick Perry.” Schumer handed over the microphone and disappeared out of the room; leaving Nick beaming with pride.

President Biden historic endorsement

On November 3rd, 2021, President Biden made a press release on the White House letterhead ( see article in the KCTimes) declaring his intent to nominate Nick Perry. The press release was picked up by every major print and electronic media house between the USA, the Caribbean, and Europe. Nick instantly became a household name.

Before Senator Schumer’s announcement, Assemblyman Nick Perry took the mike and filled the room with thunderous rendition of “Lift Every voice and sing” exulting his happiness, joy and emotionally steering his KC Choir voice to levels never heard from Nick over the 29 years of celebrations.

Assemblyman Perry positioned himself very well. He was the New York State Section 9 delegate for the Elect Biden 2020 campaign. He is a senior leader in the New York State Assembly. He has created a legacy in Brooklyn by mentoring young people to enter professional politics. This past election; he led the Brooklyn Democratic party in having the people of New York City elect NY City Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, and many others into the City Council.

Over the years since high school in Jamaica and as he evolved and grew in his many positions of “power,” a few events stand out:

  • Nick loves the Kingston College Chapel Choir. He sings at every event and opening of the New York State legislature. He is nicknamed the NYS Assembly Lead Vocalist.
  • He sponsored many educational bills that became law of the land for students, teachers and administrators. One particular innovative bill was to ensure health care for all school age kids. His law allows nonprofits in the State to set up health care facilities in each school so that students do not have to leave school for routine health exams. A very successful use of facilities.

The Jamaica Bobsled Bill

  • Assemblyman Nick Perry (D) and Senator Bill Larkin(R) sponsored The Jamaica Bobsled Bill Instructing the Department of Transportation NY State to develop a license

plate with the Bobsled logo. Both houses easily passed the passage of the bill at a majority vote. No excuses could be found on the floor why not.

The New York Press went wild when the news of the bill was released. Everyone spoke about Cool Runnings. Nick invited 2015 Jamaica Bobsled team to Albany, NY for a tour of the capital. The capital went crazy; even the military guards left their posts for a photo opportunity. Sadly; the Governor recessed the approval of the bill due to a lack of NY Charity filings by the BobSled foundation. Both leaders articled a bill that could have produced a premium Jamaica Bobsled that would fetch $100.00 per bobsled license plate purchased.

Nick traveled the state embracing the development and growth of Jamaican enterprises operating in the USA. One such enterprise was The Royal Caribbean Bakery at the grand opening of their patty plant in Rockland County, NY.

In 2018, Nick visited KC for the first time since he left back in 1970 at my invitation. Principal Myrie and staff members who were there during the Summer welcomed Nick heartily. He whisked through the campus reflecting on his past antics.

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