April 2023 Volume 19

Class of 1980 Reunion

Seymour “Ricky” Edwards
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The Kingston College graduating class of 1980 celebrated the 43rd anniversary of their graduation in Kingston, Jamaica from February 23rd to 25th, 2023. The reunion, which was originally planned as the celebration of the 40th in 2022, had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

The celebratory events started on the evening of February 23rd with a ‘Meet N Greet’ gathering at Curphy Place in New Kingston. Over 40 members of the class, as well as some spouses, made this event after sojourning from various parts of the globe. The Fortis love and camaraderie that was to be experienced for the remainder of the weekend was at once evidenced here as brothers regaled each other with tales and exploits of long, long ago.

A smaller group met at the School on Friday and were lead on a tour of both campuses as arranged by Principal Myrie. We were able to access to the brand new, Douglas Forrest Building, which houses several computer labs, the Principal’s office, the new bookstore among others. The roof of the building is designed to host receptions and provides an excellent view of the city and its environs. The tour also took us to Melbourne Park, which now houses the Byron Batchelor Sports Complex.
Later on Friday evening, The Medallion Hall Hotel hosted the gala event. The fun-filled evening was kept moving by Mistress of Ceremonies, Liza B of Riddim FM. Speakers on the night included:

  • The Chairman of the Planning Committee, Mr. Wayne Jones, O.D., J.P.
  • Principal Dave Myrie
  • The Valedictorian of the Class of 1980, Mr. Godfrey Fisher
  • A tribute was offered to our teachers by Mr. Marlon Fearon
  • A response on behalf of the teachers by Mrs. Beryl Uruquhart
  • The Guest speaker was The Hon. Justice David Batts, Class of 1978.
  • A Vote of Thanks was proffered by Mr. Baldwin Clarke

Several of our teachers were able to join us for this festive event and were presented with awards. These included the afore mentioned Mrs. Beryl Uruquhart, Mr. Gervais McLeod, Mrs. Hosang, Ms. Helen Douglas, Mr. Errol Gregory, Ms. Eunice Thomas, Ms. Ruth Sutherland and Ms. Cecile Hemmings.
The KC Old Boys Association (Ja) was the recipient of a financial donation of one million dollars (JA$1,000,000.00) disbursed over five years to support its social intervention programs at the school. 

Well known benefactor of the Medallion Hall Hotel, Glen Bromfield made the contribution through the KC Class of 1980. This has come as the members of the Class of 1980 renewed their commitment to assisting their Alma Mater, particularly working through the OBA in Jamaica. 

In our continued support of Kingston College, we presented a five year scholarship to be awarded to a deserving student at the rate of $150,000.00 per year beginning the 2023/2024 school year.

 The first instalment was made through a contribution from the Brianne Ashley Stewart Foundation, Florida,  in honor of the late daughter of member of the Class of 1980, Lincoln Stewart. 

We wrapped up our gathering and said our farewells on Saturday at Boone Hall Oasis, a quiet and scenic park in Stony Hill. It was a joyous occasion to see and catch up with so many boyhood friends, some we haven’t seen since graduation in May of 1980. The Fortis bond was strong despite the years, all and sundry shared the sentiment that we are looking forward to getting together again soon. The brothers who could not make it were sorely missed as were the brothers who are no longer with us.

A tremendous amount of accolades go out to the planning committee lead by Wayne ‘Salty’ Jones who did a fantastic job in pulling off a stellar weekend of events. Until the next reunion, Fortis For Life, Class of 1980!

(Photo Collection of the Medallion Hall Event)

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