October 2023 Volume 19

Academic Year Message from KCOBA Jamaica - 2023

Richard A. Lindsay
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As the executive team of the OBA, we enthusiastically welcome the beginning of the new school year. We are eager to collaborate with our principal, backed by the unwavering support of our members, to achieve the set objectives for the academic year 2023-24.

Managing a prestigious institution like Kingston College, renowned for decades of consistent excellence in academics and sports, sets exceptionally high standards and expectations. These expectations extend beyond the KC community to all individuals who recognize and support our institution.

However, we face challenges due to low school fee compliance rates and limited government funding primarily allocated to academic and operational expenses. Operating successfully under these circumstances, while maintaining the school's overall excellence, is an enormous task. The Alumni Association steps in to bridge the gap. A well-structured local OBA, known for its transparency and presence, acts as a vital filter for our global chapters. Together, we lead a unified global effort while playing a crucial role in ensuring the sustained success of Kingston College.

"Fortune favors the brave." My tenure as president has been both fulfilling and demanding. Taking office during the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, after a two-year hiatus of our local OBA, presented the challenge of reestablishing a firm foundation. Competing priorities were ever-present from day one.

In addition to supporting the principal, our executive team identified three main priorities:

1. Firmly reestablishing our calendar of fundraising events.

2. Reinvigorating our involvement in mentoring our students.

3. Establishing a robust, efficient organizational structure with an effective secretariat.

Regarding our progress, we are well on our way to rebuilding our calendar of fundraising events, which include the Retro-Vybz Champs Party, the Roper Cup, the Fortis 5k run/walk, and our Annual Awards Gala Dinner scheduled for Saturday, November 25th this year. Much more to come on our Gala Dinner in very short order.

In terms of mentoring, we are building upon the efforts of the Fortis Pavilion group, which has been dedicated to mentoring our students over the years. We aim to develop a program, in coordination with the guidance counselor and the Pavilion group, tailored to each form year and aligned with the school's academic calendar.

While our plans to occupy our office in the Douglas Forrest building were delayed, we are in continuous discussions with Fortis Maurice Weir, who assures us of a prompt handover once the office is ready. We have set a new timeline to occupy the office by or before the end of this school term, enabling us to fully engage in secretariat operations.

To achieve these objectives, we rely on the unwavering confidence and support of all our constituents.

Our executives are currently preparing to announce the date for our next AGM. Per Article 11 of our Articles of Incorporation, we will hold an annual general meeting within the stipulated timeframe, and this date will be publicly announced and advertised very soon. We, as a professional body, will be fully prepared to provide comprehensive reports on the OBA's operations, status, and our accomplishments since taking office. We eagerly await your full support when this announcement is made.

The work of the OBA is tireless, fueled by our deep love and commitment to this noble institution. We rise above our greatest challenges, understanding that challenges build endurance, endurance builds character, and good character leads to excellence.


Richard A. Lindsay


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