April 2024 Volume 20

When Banana Stains Fade. A debut Novel by Frances-Marie Coke

Dr. Glen Laman
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Legendary School’s Challenge Quiz team coach and teacher at Kingston College, Frances-Marie Coke, has written her first novel, When Banana Stains Fade: A Jamaican Family Saga of Adversity and Redemption.

According to her press release, the novel is “a delectable literary treat, rich in atmosphere, and brimming with compelling characters, this novel transports us between old and new Jamaica, exploring two worlds that will strike familiar chords in all who care about social issues and uncomfortable truths that dull Jamaica’s allure.”

When Banana Stains Fade is Coke’s third book.

Her second The Spirit of Clovelly Park: Learning and Teaching at Kingston College, records her journey from being an unwilling young teacher of high school boys in Jamaica to becoming a “teacher for life,” who has since influenced the lives of hundreds of young and not so young people at various stages of their development.

Her first book Intersectionsis a collection of poetry, for which Coke was better known up to a few years ago.

Advance praise for the book has come from such luminaries as Rachel Manley, author and winner of 1997 Governor General's Award for Literature in Canada for Drumblair: Memories of a Jamaican Childhood who wrote: " When Banana Stains Fade will draw its readers into the compelling drama of over four generations of a Jamaican family, told through the lifeline of its women. Frances-Marie Coke traces both a family's story and the modern history of her island Jamaica, her message ultimately uplifting: 'But her glorious little island prevails.'"

Visit www.francesmariecoke.com for more information on Frances-Marie Coke and her writing.

Copies of When Banana Stains Fade are available at all major booksellers and Amazon:

Amazon Link to When Banana Stains Fade

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