August 2011 Volume 8

A Collection of Tributes to Ivan “Wally” Johnson

Author: Staff reporter KC Times

Ivan “Wally” Johnson

Loyal Fortis Old Boy
Beacon of Hope
Effective teacher
Guardian of the fort

Wally fought for Kingston College in so many ways that students past, present and future should be grateful. He was a warrior in the sense that   read more

Tribute to Ivan (Wally) Johnson

Author: Woodburn D. Miller

Ivan (Wally) Johnson

The Kingston College family will always remember Wally Johnson as a model of the Fortis spirit and history will record his significant contribution to Jamaica’s educational development. Mr. Johnson is unique in that his whole life apart from early boyhood was spent at K.C., from 1948 as Student, then Teacher,   read more

Toronto President’s Message

Author: Lawrence Prendergast

Lawrence Prendergast

Welcome to the Annual General Meeting of the Kingston College Old Boys’ Association, Toronto Chapter. Our main purpose today is to fulfill the mandate of our bylaws by electing a new Board of Directors for the next one year term. We will seek to elect the five officers of the   read more

An Interview with Marcia Forbes, PhD

Author: Dr. Glen Laman

Erroll Richie - President AJA, Marcia Forbes, PhD and Glen Laman

Dr. Forbes is wife of a KCOB and author of the book, Music, Media & Adolescent Sexuality in Jamaica.  She was also the keynote speaker at Atlanta’s Jamaican Independence Ball in 2011.

1) Why did you write, "Music, Media & Adolescent Sexuality in Jamaica?"
For many, many   read more

A Tribute to Ivan “Wally” Johnson

Author: Professor Stephen Vasciannie

Ivan “Wally” Johnson

Dear Colleagues,

"It is with profound regret that the entire Kingston College Community has learnt of the passing of Ivan "Wally" Johnson, Kingston College Old Boy Extraordinaire, longstanding teacher, and former Acting Principal.

"Wally" Johnson was a veritable institution at Kingston College.  For half a century, he has been   read more

Lawrence Prendergast re-elected as President of KCOBA Toronto

Author: Lance Seymour

KCOBA Toronto

The Annual General Meeting of the Kingston College Old Boys’ Association (Toronto Chapter) was held at the Agincourt Community Centre, 31 Glen Watford Drive, Scarborough, on Friday, July 23, 2011. Approximately 30 KCOBs attended the meeting which was called to elect a new Board of Directors and appoint the auditor   read more

Atlanta Chapter Announces New Board of Directors for 2011-12

Author: Staff reporter KC Times

Anthony Williams - President

The Annual General Meeting of the KCOBA, Atlanta Chapter, was held on Saturday, July 16, 2011.  As a result of the elections, new Officers were chosen for the coming year.

The new president is Anthony Williams, who attended KC between 1975 and 1982, holds a bachelor's degree in economics   read more

Leighton Spencer Completes his First International Race

Author: Staff reporter KC Times

Leighton Spencer (No 380)

Leighton Spencer, son of KCOBA (USA) past president Noel Spencer, competed in his 1st International race at the XXIII Central American and Caribbean Games, in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico on July 16, 2011.

Leighton's time was 15 minutes 49 seconds; 73 seconds below his personal best of 14 minutes 36 seconds.   read more

Fortis At The World Championships

Author: Reprinted from

KCOBs Leford Green and JSU head coach Lennox Graham headed to Korea

Kingston, Jamaica - Johnson C. Smith University head men's & women's track and field coach Lennox Graham, along with recent graduate Leford Green are a part of the 2011 Jamaican national team that will compete at the IAAF World Championships in Daegu, South Korea. The Championships are scheduled for August   read more

A Few Words from the Editor

Author: Dr. Glen Laman

Glen Laman

The tributes have been pouring in at the very sad news of the passing of Ivan “Wally” Johnson, the beloved former Acting Principal of Kingston College and KC Old Boy.

Many recall the positive and pleasant disposition that “Mr. Johnno,” as he was affectionately called, carried with him around the   read more

KCOBA USA elects new Board of Directors

Author: Leighton Hollar

Rainford ‘Perry’ Bloomfield

Congratulations to Kingston College Old Boys Association USA Inc's newly elected Board of Directors for 2011-2012.
The Annual General Meeting held 8.21.2011 had a large and energetic turn out.

The New Board now consists of:

PRESIDENT - Rainford ‘Perry’ Bloomfield
1st VICE   read more

KCOB Starts Discount Vacation Company, “Yard travel”

Author: Basil Waite

Damian Crawford

KCOB Damion Crawford has issued a press release announcing his founding of a company, "Yard Travel' which is a venture aimed at facilitating discounted rates for locals at the nation's top resorts, fostering greater appreciation by nationals of the industry and encouraging Jamaicans to take local vacations as well as enjoining   read more

Ivan ‘Wally’ Johnson - a KC Icon.

Author: Dr. Cedric Lazarus

Ivan ‘Wally’ Johnson

Ivan ‘Wally’ Johnson spent almost his entire life at KC. He was a student from 1950 to 1955, took a hiatus to attend university in England and returned as a teacher in the 1965. After that he never left until he finally retired in 2006. During his tenure at KC   read more

Atlanta President’s Message

Author: Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams

Since the founding of the Atlanta Chapter, we have been a beacon of light in a number of ways. The publication of the KC Times and the George Thompson Memorial Scholarship are testament to what we have achieved. As we continue to grow, we will bring to the fore other   read more

The KCOB group “No Maddz” feature with Usain Bolt in Pumas ‘Faas’ Footwear

Author: Basil Waite

KCOB group “No Maddz”

 Dub poet group No Maddz  who appeared  with ace sprinter Usain Bolt  in the promotion of Puma new product ‘Faas’ sneakers, have featured prominently in the record breaking 2nd quarter 2011 profit performance  for the German sportswear manufacturing giant.

According to a recently released audited financial  report, the   read more