June 2014 Volume 11

Chairman's Tribute to Bishop Don Taylor

Author: Michael Vaccianna

Bishop Don Taylor

It was with profound sadness and a deep sense of loss that Kingston College’s Board of Management learned of the passing of Bishop Don Taylor.

Bishop Taylor was a Kingston College Old Boy and a past Headmaster of the school and he cherished immensely these aspects of his life’s   read more

KC’s Flag to Fly at all Future Penn Relays

Author: Dr. Glen Laman

The KC flag will now be flown at all future Penn Relays! - Photograph by Ronnie Chin

The Kingston College flag will always fly at Penn Relays.  Literally. 

The KC flag was raised at Franklin Field at the University of Pennsylvania on Thursday April 24th 2014 in a ceremony commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first Jamaican school - Kingston College - to participate in the   read more

Gregory, Vasciannie pay tribute to Bishop Don Taylor

Author: Reprinted from Jamaica Observer

Bishop Don Taylor

LORD Bishop of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands Howard Gregory and Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States Stephen Vasciannie yesterday paid tribute to Bishop Don Taylor, describing him as a man who instilled in youngsters the virtue of integrity and the importance of serving their country.

Taylor, a former Kingston   read more

Egbert Don Taylor Was Truly A Man For The Times

Author: Dr. Basil K. Bryan

Bishop Don Taylor

The death of Bishop Don Taylor closes yet another chapter in the glorious and unfolding journey of the Jamaican diaspora in America.

Egbert Don Taylor was truly a man for the times, settling with consummate ease among those he served so well, yet equally composed with those   read more

Jamaicans in Atlanta mourn Rev. E. Don Taylor

Author: Dr. Glen Laman

Bishop Don Taylor

Jamaicans in Atlanta join people worldwide in mourning the passing of the Rt. Reverend E. Don Taylor who passed away in New York recently.

Rev. Dr. Barry Davies, former KC choirmaster and Atlanta resident, had this to say:

“Bishop’ Don Taylor was a 6th former at Kingston College when I   read more

The David “Wagga” Hunt Scholarship Initiative -- New York Leg 2014

Author: Robert Taylor

David 'Wagga' Hunt

The New York leg of the, David “Wagga” Hunt Foundation football extravaganza is slated to take place on Saturday June 7, 2014 at the Evander Childs High School, in The Bronx.  The David “Wagga” Hunt New York committee made up of Kingston College (KC) and Calabar High School past students   read more

Fortis Farewell from the Land of Your Breadfruit Ancestors – Part II Wedding

Author: Michael O. Walters

Fortis Farewell from the Land of Your Breadfruit Ancestors – Part II Wedding

As you can see from the photograph with fellow 68er Glen Laman at the Tampa Purple Session, I have left American Samoa after some 20 months, and am back in Florida.  As I said in Part I published in the March 2014 edition, I have always heard that if you   read more

Tribute to Bishop Don Taylor

Author: Professor Stephen Vasciannie

Bishop Don Taylor

As Principal of Kingston College in the early 1970s, the Revd. Don Taylor was a guide, source of inspiration, and a first class leader.  Reverend Taylor, as a young, dynamic priest of the Anglican Church who had come under the direct influence KC's founding fathers, including Bishop Gibson and Douglas Forest, was a   read more

KC claims the 2014 Schools’ Challenge trophy

Author: Scott Lee Young

Principal Myrie and Head Boy, Chevon Lewis, celebrate with the team

The pre-season was, for the most part, successful due to the fact that we won most of our practice matches. But as we approached our first match of the season, against Norman Manley High, the confidence mustard from a really good pre-season and the comfort of playing late in the   read more

KC’s 1964 relay team added to Penn Relays Wall of Fame

Author: Dr. Glen Laman

KC’s 1964 relay team added to Penn Relays Wall of Fame

The 1964 Kingston College High 440-yard relay team has been added to the Penn Relays Wall of Fame.  The pioneering team ran 42.7 in 1964 marking the first appearance of a team from Jamaica in a championship race at the Relays.

The team of Jim Grant, Rupert Hoilette, Tony Keyes and   read more

The Rt. Rev. Egbert Don Taylor - In Memory of My Mentor and Fellow K.C. Old Boy

Author: Winston Stewart

Kingston College Form 6A – 1956 Back: Errol Lecky, Alex Robertson-Struan, Arthur Thompson, Ancell Harris, Randolph Hall, Carl Campbell, Manley Lumsden Center: Norris Lindo, Lloyd Demetrius, Maurice McLeod, Albert Chong-Kee, Daniel Chin, Lloyd Coke, Kingsley Ridley Harold Smith, Keith Lee, Linval Fiddler Front: Peter Maxwell, Richard Bennett, William Bailey, Raymond Sharpe, Egbert Don Taylor, Peter Fung, Ramon Gordon, Donald Wellington, Trevor Gordon-Somers, Anthony Johnson, Douglas W. Forrest –new headmaster & Rt. Rev. P. W. Gibson – outgoing headmaster

Bishop Egbert Don Taylor, more affectionately known as Bishop Don T., or just Don T. by his contemporaries, was born in Jamaica on 2nd. September 1937, in humble surroundings. For the purpose of this tribute, I will take the liberty of referring to him as Don T.

  read more

KC and Jamaica at Penn Relays: An unqualified success

Author: Professor Stephen Vasciannie

KC and Jamaica at Penn Relays: An unqualified success

This year's Penn Relay Carnival, held as always at Franklin Field, Philadelphia, marked the 50th anniversary of Kingston College's participation in the prestigious games.

Prior to 1964, Jamaicans had taken part in the games. As Jamaica's former consul general to New York, Dr Basil K Bryan notes in his encyclopaedic   read more

KCOBA NY Annual Awards Banquet 2014

Author: Dr. Earl Gordon

KCOBA NY Annual Awards Banquet 2014

KCOBA USA Inc. (NY Chapter) recently hosted its 31st Annual Reunion & Awards Dinner in Queens Village, NY. As in previous years, the honorees were members of the Fortis family who have served Kingston College in various capacities through the nine decades of the institution’s history. This year’s honorees were   read more

The National Debate Champions 2014

Author: Tamica Telphia and Christopher Brown


The Debating Society is a small group of students who have aspirations to improve their public speaking and writing skills. Though they may not be considered the best speakers Kingston College possesses, the team which comprises coach, Tamica Telphia and speakers: Javair Thomas, Kevonne Martin and Chevaughn Channer was determined   read more

A Video Tribute to Rev. Don Taylor

Author: Noel Spencer, MBA, LUTCF, EA

Noel Spencer

Bishop E. Don Taylor passed from this world on Saturday, May 24th, 2014 at 6:49pm. On June 1st, 2014, St. James's Episcopal Church of Goshen, NY used a part of their morning service to recognize his contribution. Father Karl Lunden, the Rector led the remembrance with former Orange County Legislator,   read more

A Few Words from the Editor

Author: Dr. Glen Laman

Dr. Glen Laman

Many thanks to Norris Lindo who reached deep into his archives to send me a photo of his 1956 form 6A class at Kingston College for our coverage of the passing of our beloved KC Old Boy and former headmaster, Rev. E. Don Taylor.  That photo accompanies Winston Stewart’s tribute   read more

KC at Penns: Three of the Original Musketeers

Author: Ray Ford

Coach Davis, Dr. Keyes and Dr. Hall reunite

“I had to make it,” said Dr. John Hall, renowned neurologist, Chairman of the Medical Council of Jamaica, on Saturday morning, as he snuck up on Donovan Davis – the legendary track coach who accompanied the first KC and Jamaica high school entrant to the world-famous Penn Relays. Dr. Hall,   read more

Keynote Speech – KCOBA NY Reunion & Awards Dinner

Author: Principal - Dave Myrie

Dave Myrie

It is certainly a pleasure to accept your invitation to address you on this very special occasion. Since taking up the post of headmaster at Kingston College, I have been cheered by the support that has been extended to me.  I also greatly appreciate the prayers that have gone up   read more

Atlanta KCOB appointed member of Chongqing International Exchange Association

Author: Dr. Glen Laman

Glendon Thompson with Chongqing Exchange

Atlanta KCOB Glendon Thompson has been appointed a council member of the Chongqing International Exchange Association.  He was presented with his certificate and emblems recently by representatives of the association.

Glendon is well known for his association with China and is best known as the first person to open a   read more

KC In the News May 2014

Author: Earl Adams

KC In the News

Kingston College is increasingly in the news.  Check this column for links to recent articles about KC.

The Old Boys, students and teachers are making headlines and doing great things. If you come across an interesting article, please feel free to contact the editor at editor@kctimes.org and send us   read more

Chronology of Events Honoring KC at Penn Relays

Author: Noel Spencer, MBA, LUTCF, EA

Principal Dave Myrie and Noel Spencer picking up the KC flag to be handed over to Penn Relays

Wednesday April 23rd, 2014
Accept delivery of the Kingston College Flags from Humphrey's Flag Company 238 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA

Delivery of the Official 5' x 8' KC Flag to Friends of Penn Relays by Principal Dave Myrie and Noel Spencer (2:30-3:00pm).

Thursday, April 24th, 2014
  read more

Video Interview with KC’s 1964 Penn Relays Coach

Author: Dr. Glen Laman

Penn Relay VIPs with Milesplit

Milesplit caught up with Donovan Davis, KC’s track coach at the 1964 Penn Relays, current principal Dave Myrie, and former president of KCOBA (NY)  Old Boy Noel Spencer.

Spencer was a key player in collaborating with the Friends of Penn Relays Board on the activities that celebrated   read more

Penn Relays Photo Gallery

Author: Dr. Glen Laman

Ronnie Chin

Photos by Ronnie Chin

KC Times photographer Ronnie Chin had unprecedented access to all activities at this year’s Penn Relays Carnival.  

This year marked the 50th anniversary of KC participation in the relays.  They were the first Jamaican team to compete running in the 4x440 and the 4x110 yard   read more